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Unit 4.

1 Notes
Organization of House and Senate
Note: The House of Representatives is sometimes referred to as Congress
Capitalized. Sometimes the House of Representatives and the Senate are collectively
referred to as congress lowercase.

House of Representatives
o 435 total members based on apportionment
o The common house
o Elected for 2 year terms
o Hierarchy
Leader: Speaker of the House (official position)
Majority Leader (unofficial position)
o Majority whip (unofficial position
o Committee Chairperson (official position)
Selected by the majority leader and
speaker of the house
Minority Leader (unofficial position)
o Minority whip (unofficial position)
o Manipulation the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to
favor one party or class
o In other Words: Digging the voting districts to get your parties
candids elected
The Senate
o 100 total members based on 2 for each state
o The prestigious house
o Elected for 6 years
o Hierarchy
Leaders: Pres. Of the Senate (VP) (mostly powerless)
Majority Leader (unofficial position)
o Majority whip
o Committee Chairperson
Minority Leader (unofficial position)
o Minority Whip
President Pro Tempore (official position- 3rd in line of