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Batsheva // Ohad


Ana Darling
Choreography Period 8
October 6, 2014

Ohad Naharin is the Artistic Director & Choreographer
of Batsheva Dance Company since 1990.
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Founded by Martha Graham & Baroness Batsheva in
Began his dance training with Batsheva in 1974.
Hes known as one of the worlds preeminent contemporary
The founder and originator of his innovative movement
language GAGA.
Trained at the School of American Ballet and The Julliard School.
Also studied and trained in music in his youth.
Martha Graham was fascinated by his talent and asked him to
join her New York Company.
Joined Martha Grahams New York Dance Company.

More Facts
1980: Ohad came back from New York and had his debut at The
Kazuko Hirabayshi studio.
1980: formed Ohad Naharin Dance Company with his
wife Mari Kajiwara.
Uses his musical prowess to amplify his choreographic impact.
He has collaborated with several music artists.
Ohad combined his talents for music and dance in Playback
(2004), a solo he directed and performed.
He holds compelling choreographic craft and inventive,
supremely textured movement.
His works have been performed by Netherlands Dance
Theater, Ballet Frankfurt, Lyon Opera Ballet, Cullberg
Ballet, Pans Opera Ballet, & many more!

What is GAGA?
GAGA is Ohads style of dance, that he came up with.
Ohad uses GAGA as a training method for Batshevas
GAGA appeals to the people of Israel.
It emphasizes the exploration of sensation and availability
for movement.
Ohad looks at animals to demonstrate letting go.
Batsheva dancers are trained to listen and feel the rhythm, instead of
the music.
Very loose movement, in which you can improvise and do anything
with your body and all body parts, in which ever way or form that you
want it to be.

Its about doing very little and feel so

much. Ohad Naharin

2005 : Israel Prize for Dance
2 New York Dance and Performance Bessie Awards
2009 : Samuel H. Scripps America Dance Festival for
Lifetime Achievement in Dance
2009 : EMET Prize for Contribution to the
Advancement of Arts and Science in Israel
2013 : Doctor Honors Award from the Julliard


Minus 16
Mr.Gaga Documentary
The Hole

My Opinion
Ohad Naharins work simply amazes me. All of the dance
videos that I watched captured my attention immediately and I
never got tired of watching his choreography. His unique style and
movement of GAGA is truly inspiring and breath taking because
the movement is just so free and its as if the body is actually taking
control over your mind and your whole self. His concept of letting
the rhythm control you is pretty fascinating because most of the
time, I listen to the music and lyrics of the song, but never really to
the rhythm of it. I also love how he trains his dancers through the
GAGA technique and its captivating to see the emotion that the
dancers dance through and to see how much expression and
feeling they put into it, without having to think too much about it!

Contact Info
Batsheva Dance Company, 6 Yechiely St.
Tel Aviv 6514947
Telephone: 03 5171471
Batsheva Residence:
Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv

Facebook: Ohad Naharin

Quiz Questions!!
1. What style/innovative language did Ohad come
up with?

2. What year & who did he start Ohad Naharin

Dance Company with?

3. What does GAGA emphasize?


2. 1980; Mari Kajiwara

3. The exploration of sensation and availability for


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