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Performance Task


Title of Task
1. Task Overview
Minutes required for classroom activity + minutes for the actual performance task = total time
requirement in minutes.

2. Classroom Activity
Evidence Statement: Include the objectives as well as an explanation. (See examples)

3. Student Tasks 1 and 2

(Include at least two tasks as the focus is on students performing multiple, complex tasks)
Part 1
Statement of activity
Part 2
Statement of activity
Scorable products
Teacher Preparation/Resources Required
Teacher Directions
Introductory classroom activity
Step 1 Orientation to the Topic
Step 2 Access the Stimuli
Step 3 Clarify Expectations of the Writing Task
Student Directions
Part 1
Your Task
Steps to Follow
Directions for Beginning
Resources/documents needed (create and include)
Research questions

Part 2
Your Assignment
Description of Article or other product required of task

Reference of Source InformationBe sure to use APA reference

4. Tasks Specifications and Scoring Rubrics

Task Specifications-SKiP!
Scoring Information
Include rubrics (see examples) for each product
Sample responses for each level (see examples) for each product