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What does it mean to you? What kind of art do you make?

For me making art is a way of processing thoughts. I could do anything (or nothing
but I don't see that as very developing). One of my goals in life is to be an old wise
lady, and to become that, I'm on a mission to understand my self and my
surroundings, art is for me time to explore this further. By materializing the
thoughts, I push it trough my head and trough the process of becoming. I am then
able to look at the thought from a distance and decide if I want to continue to work
on it or leave it behind. I see this as an effective way of developing throughout life.

I often experience my works as self portraits, but I hope that the viewer can see it as
portraits. The point of departure for my works is my personal perception of existing
in a body, and how I in this body perceive my surroundings. I get influenced by
things around me, both in positive and negative ways, through this I try to find what
is me and how it relates to other people. I have in a series of works tried to give an
honest description of my experience from being, but if there is such a thing as a
hierarchy amongst bodily features, I might put more attention to what would be
counted as the less appreciated sides with being human. This to get a feel and a
visual of sides of the body that I in other settings experience to become rejected.
(Sweat, body fluid, aging, changing, anger, shame, inconstancy, uncertainty)
Trough different mediums such as installation, sculpture, drawing and performance,
I have tried to emphasize the body that surrounds us as a rom or a skin influenced
by time space and contact with others. The form are often fragile and made to fall
apart, but I make sure to fall in love with details. I emphasize different combinations
of senses trough sound, smell, visual and touch as a method to make close contact
between the viewer and my work. I want People to experience the work, ideally
with their whole body, and then leave with a different imprint.