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Speech C-Notes

Informative Texts

Topic/Objective: Identifying the

purpose in nonfiction speeches.
(President Obama, Malala Yousafzai, and Emma Watson)


EQ: How are the purposes for these three speeches similar? What clues
help you to identify it?
What is determination?

How does a person

Why is this an
important quality to

Human Rights
Gender Equality
Gender Roles
Social Activist
Human Trafficking

A right that belongs to everyone

Rights/opportunities are unaffected by gender
Determines how men and women in society should
act, dress, think, and interact
A fixed, oversimplified idea/image of a person/group
Prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination based on sex
(Typically against women)
Belief that men and women should have equal rights
and opportunities
Ready to conform to authority, will of others, passive,
Preconceived opinion not based on reason or
Intentional action to bring social, political,
environmental, economical change
A person who publically supports a cause
Illegal movement of people for the purposes of slavery
(labor, trade, and sex) Roughly 27 million slaves

In what ways have

you seen or
sexism or

*Sex= Biological
Gender= Self Identification/representation

In what ways have

you seen or
experienced sexism
or inequality?
Have you ever been
told you cannot do
something based on
your sex*? (Because
youre a girl or
because youre a boy)

In what ways have you

seen or experienced
sexism or inequality?
Have you ever been told
you cannot do something
based on your sex?
(Because youre a girl or
because youre a boy)
Have you ever felt
uncomfortable simply
walking down the street?
With friends
At night?

Have you ever been harassed?

How do you feel when you whistle or catcall at
a girl/ How do you feel when whistles and
catcalls are directed at you?
How are you supposed to feel or react to this
behavior? What is the intention?
Have you ever been told your outfit is

What its like to be a woman at night

Walking in NYC as a woman (GIF version)
What men really say when they catcall
Women Catcalling
Blind Dates/ Internet Dating: Men worry shell
be fat. Women worry hell be a rapist/serial

What message do you believe is

being delivered by commercials
similar to this one?

What are they really selling?

How does it make you feel as a
man or as a woman?
Media 2013 Failure for
How do you think society is
influencing your behavior in
terms of gender? How can we
elicit change?

*For more on women in the economy you can look at this


Why do most women wear

makeup? *And
stereotypically buy clothing
a lot? Why do women have
to shave their legs/armpits?
How long does it take you
to get ready to go out
for school?
with friends?
What are you usually
thinking about as you get

It teaches us that a short skirt and a smile is asking for it

It teaches us that its not wrong unless someone comes to her
When it comes to mother/fatherhood I do not hesitate to say that I rescue
would want to raise all-boys
and this, this is why I want all boys
I would want to be a Mother/Father all sons
because it's moments like these verdicts that make me numb to my
own anger Afraid the even talk about this out loud
If Ive learned anything about being a man its that being a father is the part where our first line of action as the people seeking justice
designed to be a contact sport and far too many of us retire before to trust the police more than we trust our children
we even see what the field looks like
If Ive learned anything about being a woman it's that no matter
Is to make shelter out of the prison cell instead of showing them the
how empowering I seem my existence was designed never stand a way home


when state of Ohio found two 16-year-old boys guilty of raping a

16-year-old girl
both boys cried her eyes out moments after the verdict
every major media news outlet codded them
instead of the girl they raped
CNN was grieving over the death of their futures in football
they said nothing of the cemetery growing inside the body of the
nothing of the graveyard where she will bury her trust in men
Rape culture is the worst kind of teacher our kids are learning the
most from
It teaches women that it's their responsibility to not get raped
It teaches men that boys will be boys

is to use juvenile detentions as an excuse for free childcare

The part where we celebrate our decision to throw another black
boy into a cage and trust that prison will teach him how to respect
women better than we ever could if we didn't give up on him
Jails will not fix broken people jails will break them harder
Until all of them are shards of mirror hurting everyone around

No wonder we cant see our reflections in their mistakes

Where do you think they learned this from anyway?
Cont. on next slide

I'll be damned if I stood here said

if he doesnt learn better from me than

that I only have the capacity

what will rape culture teach him when I'm not looking

to love someone whose only been at the edge a knife

hes as good as crooked cops treat you

at the barrel of a gun

as good as jailbird

and not have enough love to go around for the one

whos holding the weapon

sex offender

and ask where did they get that from?

Who taught them how to use it like that?

wife beater

I'm not saying to feel sorry for anybody and

hopeless case

Im not going to apologize for the way I feel about an issue as caged dog
complex as
hes as good as the next brown boy sobbing on the witness
this one as complex as we are

stand apologizing to the girl that he raped swearing that his

mother taught him better than that

Im saying

hoping that somebody in that courtroom will forgive him

that one day

for what

I'm going to be a mother/father

he has yet

and I'm going to have a son

to learn

and if I don't raised him in a community that will help me

teach him how to unravel himself from his sexism
from his patriarch
from the rotten parts his masculinity

What does Boys will

be boys mean?
Do you agree with
that statement?

Is it okay/right to look at nude photos

of someone that were not given
directly to you?
Jlaw: Response to Photo Leak
Emma Watson: After her UN speech she was
threatened How should this attack be viewed?

Misc. Video Links

Gender Marketing
Break the Box

Informal Informative Writing

One- Page min.
Demonstrate what you have learned on this topic
by informing your reader/audience of the issue(s).
State how it impacts you/your life/ how youre
viewed as well as your opinion on the matter.
Basically, What does it mean to be a lady/man in
2014 based on society?
How can we change how were viewed and how
others view us based on gender/sex?

Option A What does it mean to be Assignment

First half= Just Because
Just because I am ______________
I am not_______________
I am not_______________
I am not_______________
I am ________________
Second Half= What it means to be a boy/girl in 2014
What youre taught it means vs What it means to you

Option B
Write your own Slam Poem to demonstrate
what youve learned, your opinion, how it
effects you, and what needs to happen.
How many speakers?
How are things said?
BOLD, Italics, underline= sound/meaning effects
View slam poems online to draw inspiration