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Sabrina Weathers

Website name


Description of site

Teachers Net

In this site teachers have

a chat board where they
can talk about different
ideas. There is a link for
classroom projects to
enhance the curriculum.
Also, there are over
45,000 lesson plans
submitted by teachers.

Adapted Mind

This site have links for

math and reading, giving
teacher worksheets for
grades K-8 grade. For
example 1 grade will have
comparing numbers
addition, telling time
table worksheets making
it easy for the teachers.

Internet4 clasroom


This site has links for K12, which include all

subjects, language arts,
math, science, and social
studies. Also, there are
links for special need such
as learning disorders,
assistive technology, and
special education. There
are teacher instructional
information, like
classroom organization,
how to setup your
classroom, timeline, and

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers pay teachers is

an online marketplace
where teachers buy and
sell original download
educational materials.

Sabrina Weathers
A to Z Teacher Stuff

Created site designed to

help teachers find online
resources more quickly
and easily. Finding lesson
plans, thematic units
teacher tips discussion
forums for teachers and
printable worksheets.
Theme resources by
monthly featured tools
and pages

Teach with Technology a site that

works to help integrate
technology into the
classroom by offering
online tools and
resources. This site also
help teachers locate and
create ready to use
website lessons, quizzes,
rubrics and classroom

National Science Teacher Associate

This site is a goldmine for

classroom teacher who
may not feel comfortable
teaching geology as they
do reading and
arithmetic. Youll find
journal articles and
experiment ideas. Also
the latest science stories
in the news.

Wikis spaces classroom

This site walks teachers

through process of
creating an online
classroom workspace that
private and customizable.
It work across tablets, and
phones and can be used
for the classroom.

Sabrina Weathers

This site offer educators a

wealth of information on
effective use of mobile
technology in the
classroom. Provides
access to over 50,000
educators and experts in
curriculum enhancements
along with thousands of
award winning digital
resources for k-12.

PBS Teacher

This site helps teachers

grow professionally, it
offers free teaching
resources relevant to
different grade category.
Bringing excitement to
your classroom.