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Project Report On “Study of a Service Organization”


Submitted to “Professor Syed Ferhat Anwar”

Name of the team/Group:

Name and ID of the Students

1. Md. Shams-Ud-Dowla- 112061007

2. Rashedur Rahman- 112073021
3. Sonia Rahman Lina- 113071005
4. Salauddin Md. Shajahan- 113071013
5. Shanjida Jahan- 113072006

We would like to thank Professor Syed Ferhat Anwar, Faculty, Services

Marketing, UIU, for giving us an opportunity to do the project on Services

Marketing. We would also like to thank Mr. Pradip Kumar GM, Advanced Data

Networks System Limited (ADNSL) for spending his valuable time and giving

us valuable insights on Advanced Data Networks System Limited, for Internet

Service Marketing.
Table of Contents

1. Objective

What is Internet Service Provider

2. Why Choosing Internet Service and what are features of

3. Internet History in Bangladesh

Current Internet Market Position in


3. Introduction-About Advanced Data Networks System

4. Identification of Need & Opportunity
6. Proposed Strategy or
Plan....................................................... 12
7. Ecommerce
Solution:............................................................ 14
9. Internet Marketing
Services..................................................... 16
10. ADNSL Portfolio of Clients .................................................
11. Value Proposition to its clients
................................................ 20
12. Human Resource
Management................................................ 22
13. Performance parameters for Customer
Satisfaction.......................... 25
14. Key Issues in Service Delivery: Service Gap Analysis
.......................... 26
15. Reasons for Service Delivery Gap
............................................ 27
16. Application of service Marketing Strategies & Concepts ........
17. Conclusions.......................................................
1. Objective
This Project report, broadly, has been designed to familiarize with the
characteristics of Internet Services in Advanced Data Networks System
Limited (ADNSL), their implications on design and delivery, and highlighting
the role of marketing, human resources and operations for sustainable
competitive advantage for Advanced Data Networks System Limited with the
Internet Services.

This report is not a pure description of Advanced Data Networks System

Limited, but involves critical evaluation and/or identification of key issues.
This report uses the concepts evolved during the course, uses them where
appropriate. This report tries to address the following.

The objectives of the project study are as follows:

• To do a service delivery (Internet Service) study & analysis of
Advanced Data Networks System Limited.
• To analyze the customers of ADNSL.
• To do a study and analysis of service positioning by ADNSL in the
competitive market, study customer satisfaction, study and analyze
human resource management.
• To study and evaluate the service processes design and the
performance measurement and management.
• To study and evaluate the customer value provided b ADNSL
• To identify and evaluate the key issues in the service delivery.
• To evaluate the reasons for the existence of service delivery gap.
• To use and apply the concepts of ‘Service Marketing’ to analyze and
minimize the service delivery gap by doing ‘Gap Analysis’.
• To analyze and evaluate the financial implications of improving the
What is Internet service
An Internet service provider (ISP, also called Internet access
provider or IAP) is a company that offers its customer’s access to the
Internet. The ISP connects to its customers using a data transmission
technology appropriate for delivering Internet Protocol datagram’s,
such as radio connectivity, wifi, Wi-Max, Fiber Optic, dial-up, DSL,
cable modem or dedicated high-speed interconnects.

ISPs may provide Internet e-mail accounts to users which allow them
to communicate with one another by sending and receiving electronic
messages through their ISPs' servers. (As part of their e-mail service,
ISPs usually offer the user an e-mail client software package,
developed either internally or through an outside contract
arrangement.) ISPs may provide other services such as remotely
storing data files on behalf of their customers, as well as other services
unique to each particular ISP.
3. Why Choosing Internet Service and what are features of Internet?

The Internet is a unique medium with global impact, and within a relatively
few number of years has become inextricably intertwined with the conduct of
almost all human activity. The following sections are the key features of the
Internet which have contributed to this world-wide success:

Key Internet Features :

 Geographic Distribution
 Robust Architecture
 Near Light Speed
 Universal Access
 Internet Growth Rates
 The Digital Advantage
 Freedom Of Speech

Key Web Features:

 Ease Of Use
 Universal Access
 Search Capabilities

Key Usenet Newsgroups Features:

 Group Communications
 Common Space

Key Email Features:

 Email Is A Push Technology
 Email Waits For You
 Email Is One-To-Many
 Email Is Almost Free

Key Mailing List Features:

 One-to-many communication.
2. Internet History in Bangladesh

E-mail service was started in Bangladesh through a small private initiative

sometime in late 1993. Another private organization came with a bulletin
board service (BBS) with Internet e-mails and newsgroups in late 1994 that
attracted many subscribers because of its good price package. There was
demand from all quarters for BTTB to start VSAT or X.25 lines for Internet
and data entry services. But BTTB was not willing. After that some peoples
has took initiative to remove all regulatory bars for setup and use of VSAT in
the private sector. As a result online Internet service began in the country on
4 June 1996. Currently, 184 providers are giving online Internet access;

3. Current Internet Market Position in Bangladesh

The Internet came late to Bangladesh with connectivity in 1996 as

commercially. In the last few years it has grown dramatically, although
obviously from a very low base. With an estimated user base of more than
600,000 by 2008, representing only a 0.5% penetration, the local Internet
industry has been preparing to move into the next stage of its development.
As this report demonstrates, however, the country must work hard to
overcome obstacles associated with the country's lowly economic status and
still developing infrastructure. The report also looks briefly at very early signs
of broadband Internet in Bangladesh and its first moves into Internet

The BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) has

given about 184 licenses to the different ISP’s to provide the internet
services all over the country. Only 8 ISP’s has nationwide communication
License who can provide the services all over Bangladesh. And other
providers have got the license for the local area. And another 6 mobile
operators are also providing the internet services. But the mobile operators
service is limited (fix band width).

The government of has realized to develop the country needs develop the
communication system as early as possible.. That’s very recently government
has given 3 license for the Wi-max. Which will be more reasonable and to get
easy in any where in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is high density country and very small peoples are using internet
services. This service is increasingly day by day and within very few year it
will be large service provide sector in the country. A lot of opportunity is
remaining to grow up the business.
2. Introduction-About Advanced Data Networks System

Advanced Data Networks System Limited is incorporated 2001 in

Bangladesh. Advanced Data Networks System Limited is the sister concern of
Techvalley computers limited which company are providing state of the art
technology in Bangladesh

Advanced Data Networks System Limited is a technology strategist of

providing Internet Services, business solutions offering customized
Internet & Intranet where is following the other services like-voice, data
communication, online-connectivity, IPLC (International Private Leased
Circuit), IP Phone, Wifi and many more. All are 100% service related
based solutions to small, medium & large scale retail companies or

9. Internet Services of ADNSL

Technology at ADNSL is driven to grow clients business across all

channels. They accomplish this by combining the proprietary technologies
with leading third-party applications to create strong communication
connectivity for their customers.

It also provides Search optimization and Online Marketing services to clients

looking to strengthen their online marketing reach. It provides solution which
helps client realize long terms or short term benefits.

• Corporate User
• Educational Institute
• End user or home user

Technology Using by ADNSL:

ADNSL using state of the art technology:
• IPLC Services (International Private Leased Circuit)
• VSAT 9Verys Small Aperture Terminal) Services which also called
Satellite services
• Fiber Optic Services for First connectivity
• Broadband Connectivity
• Voice Backhaul for the Telecom Operator
• Wi-fi Services

Customer Segmentation of ADNSL Portfolio of Clients

A lot of different type of organizations ADNSL is providing all types

of connectivity services. Following are customer’s categories.

1. Corporate Customer
2. Educational Institute
3. End user or home user

Bandwidth Segmentations:
ADNSL providing the services in different types of packages of Internet for
the customers. Bandwidth is dedicated and starts from 64 kbps to as request
of customer.

Internet Service and Feature Description for the customer

1. Scalability
2. RF Interference Free
3. Less point of Failure
4. Connectivity Possible Anywhere in Country
5. IP Based Connectivity, Ethernet Interface
6. Supports all TCP/IP application
7. Centralized NMS at NOC for Remotes
8. TCP and HTTP acceleration
10. Committed uptime: 99%
11. Competent technical team
12. 24X7 Hrs round the year Service
13. 24X7 Hrs round the year Network Monitoring from ADN NOC
14. Licensed Frequency Band, Exclusive Frequency allocation from BTRC for ADN,
hence this will resolve the problem of Frequency Interference.
15. Licensed DDCSP by BTRC and True DDCSP service in Telco Grade Equipment.
16. High Spectral Efficiency
2. NLOS technology enabled.
3. Direct Ethernet Interface.
4. OFDM Technology.
Portal Management and Technology Management services
SWOT Analysis:

Web Employees Annual Revenue Net Asset Liabilities Business Stock

Address Sales Income Value Value

SWOT Comparison Sheet

Strength ADNSL X-net

Technologies (Connectivity Radio , Fiber Optic; Radio, Fiber Optic,
Media) VSAT (satellite), Wifi; DSL/ADSL
DSL/ADSL & Dial-up
Bandwidth Types SEA-ME-WE4 SEA-ME-WE4
(Submarine Cable) & (Submarine Cable)
VSAT (Own)
Networks Redundancy (Own) VSAT (Own) VSAT backup fro
third party
Currently Coverage All over Dhaka Not all over Dhaka
HR for Technical Support 112 64
Bandwidth Dedicated Dedicated & Shared
Customer Service Ensure 24X7 Monitoring 24 hours
but solving only
working hours
Regulatory BTRC Permission BTRC Permission
Frequency License: Frequency License:
3.5 GHz, 5.8 GHz, 3.5 GHz
10.5 GHz
License for Network Coverage Nationwide Only Dhaka &
Area Communication Chittagong City
Bandwidth Cost For corporate For Home user
customer bandwidth Bandwidth cost is
cost is cheaper cheaper
SWOT Comparison Sheet

Weakness ADNSL X-net

Value Added Service No value added
services such as: DNS
DNS Web Hosting
Web Hosting E-mail
E-mail Address by Address by
the provider the provider
On-line problem log On-line
book problem log
Search Engine etc. book
Search Engine
Local Hardware Maintenance & Not Yes
Customer Awareness No Yes
Bandwidth cost For Home user For Home
Bandwidth cost user
higher than other Bandwidth
providers cost is
Dial-up Connection No Dial Up Yes

SWOT Comparison Sheet

Opportunities ADNSL X-net

New Technologies 3G & Wi-Max
Value Adding Services IP Phone
Free Web –mail and
On-line Problem log
On-line based
information Services
SWOT Comparison Sheet

Threats ADNSL X-net

Technology 3
Coverage Area Coverage is limited
area (only in
Bandwidth Charge Bandwidth Charge
home user is high
Negative economic conditions?
Government regulation? New Frequency
allocate by BTRC
Changing business climate Competitor
GE Model

Business Strength
5.00 Strong Medium Week
Market Attractiveness





5.00 3.67 3.10 2.33 1.00
Business Strength
5.00 Strong Medium Week
Market Attractiveness


POSITION Invest Challenge for Specialize around

to grow at leadership limited strength
maximum Build selectively on Seek ways to
digestible rate strength overcome weakness
3.67 Concentrate effort Reinforce vulnerable Withdraw if
on maintaining areas indications of
strength sustainable growth
are lacking




Invest heavily in Protect existing HARVEST
most attractive programs Look for ways to
segment Concentrate expand without high
Build up ability to investment in risk
counter segments where Minimize investment
2.33 competition profitability is good and rationalize
Emphasize and risks relatively operations
profitability by low

REFOCUS EARNINGS Sell at time that will

Manage for Protect position in maximize cash value
current earnings most profitable Cut fixed costs and
Concentrate on segment avoid investment
1.00 attractive Upgrade product line meanwhile
segment Minimize investment
Defend strength
5.00 3.67 1.00
Measuring Market Attractiveness-
Factors Weight Rating (1-5) Value
Overall market size .15 3 .45
Annual market growth .10 4 .40
Historical profit .20 4 .80
Competitive intensity .10 3 .30
Sales Promotion .15 3 .45
Inflationary .10 3 .30
Safety Risk at work .10 3 .30
Global HR resolutions .10 2 .20
Total 1.00 3.20

Business Strength-ADNSL
Factors Weight Rating (1-5) Value
Market Share .15 3 .45
Service Quality .20 4 .80
Brand Reputation .10 3 .30
Promotional .10 3 .30
Managerial personnel .10 3 .30
Unit Cost .10 2 .20
Experience Measure .15 3 .45
R&D Performance .10 2 .20

Total 1.00 3.10

BCG Matrix:

20% 2 1
Market Growth Rate
Star Question Marks

10% 3 4
Cash Cow Dog

10 1
Relative Market Share

The Extension of the BCG Matrix

20% 2 1
Market Growth Rate

Star Question Marks

10% 3 4
Cash Cow Under Developed

5 6
Orphan Death

10 1
Relative Market Share
Application of service Marketing develops Strategies
with the SWOT, GE Model & BCG Matrix:

On the basis of GE Model result that the market attractiveness value is

3.20 and the business strength is 3.10. The results indicate that some
strategies should be taken which are given in below:

1)Firstly to minimize the attrition rate and curb the inefficiencies in the
service delivery quality, focus on specialized training is a must as it
provides the basic concepts, knowledge and tools for providing superior
customer service.

2)The under performers must be put to specialized training and an

“ACCOMMODATION STRATEGY” approach can prove to be better in
several situations rather than “CLASSICAL REDUCTION STRATEGY” to
minimize ‘Efficiency Variability’.

3)All the parameters for measuring the customer satisfaction and the
ways to achieve that must be well communicated to the employees.

4) Rather than paying lower salaries to the employee’s to bring down the
cost of operations, ADNSL must focus on specialized training to minimize
the attrition rates and increase the performance levels. This will
automatically take care of the cost of training and operations. The
company will gain in the overall action in the long run with no additional
expenditure or cost.

5) The conflicts between the operations, marketing and management can

be resolved by better management strategies. A critical balance has to be
strike among different departments when their interests are different with
mutual understanding and cooperation.

6) The concept of “SERVICE PROFIT CHAIN” is indispensable for ADNSL’s

success in the long run. Only a satisfied and loyal employee can bring in a
satisfied and loyal customer thus enhancing the company’s profits and
climbing up in the value chain ladder.

7) The strategies for demand and capacity management and handling

requests for service customization can be strengthened by specialized
training and implementing upgraded technology, CRM Tools, better
cultural and attitude study of the customers, innovations and
relationship building, etc.
8) As per the scenario and strategies we define the position of ADNSL
is Question marks because of internet sector is growing rapidly and
day by day thus consume large amounts of cash, but because they
have low market shares they do not generate much cash. They have
the potential to gain market share and become a star, and eventually
a cash cow when the market growth slows. If the question mark does
not succeed in becoming the market leader, then after perhaps years
of cash consumption it will degenerate into a dog when the market
growth declines. Question marks must be analyzed carefully in order
to determine whether they are worth the investment required to grow
market share.
17. Conclusions

By carrying out the study of Advanced data Networks System Limited

service delivery strategies and analyzing the service performance, it
can be concluded that the service organization is a Bangladesh digital
marketing service provider and working with global company and
brand with many leading businesses in the local and global competitive

In a constant state of flux, the Internet is once again witness to a fundamental shift,
which is changing the nature of business transactions. Customers are increasingly
expecting - demanding - to be able to conduct transactions, from shopping, to
banking, to researching, to making travel arrangements, online etc. For an
organization to succeed on the executable Internet, the development of a strategic
Internet business plan is a must. A robust Internet development strategy must:

• Reflect an organization's brand strategy,

• Provide positive human experiences,
• Have good online visibility,
• Be updated regularly and consistently,
• Be supported by integrated marketing,
• Be continually informed (and improved) by statistical analysis,
• Be reliably hosted, and
• Absolutely - make creative use of the best technology that is available and
relevant to a given market place.