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Lourdes Andrade

Education 101
Fall 2009

1. Describe: School Location; cultural diversity of the school; diversity of students in
class rooms you observed; how the teachers were chosen for you.

The school is located at 1581 W. 186th Street in Gardena, California. Most of the
residents around the area are retired, so most of the students are bussed into the

The school consists of much cultural diversity. The majority are Hispanics,
followed by African Americans, Filipino, Asian, White and Pacific Islander.

The classroom consisted of mostly Hispanic students and some African

Americans, and a few Filipinos, Asian, White and Pacific Islanders.

The class rooms I observed were chosen by the Schools Coordinator. She wanted
me to observe an upper and lower grade class. Then she chose amongst the top
teachers in that grade level.

2. Specifically, what made a positive impression on you? (Strengths)

I have to say that the biggest impression was the student participation. All of the
students were participating and I loved their enthusiasm to learn some more. This
teacher has worked very hard at making sure that all of her students are focused and

3. What did you observe that made a negative impression on you? (Weaknesses)
There really wasnt anything negative. I really enjoyed going to both classrooms and

1. What made him/her become a teacher?
She became a teacher because she loves to work with children in general. Seeing
the children succeed and achieve and knowing that you are the person responsible
for it.
2. How long has he/she been working in the field? Any related jobs past/present?
She has been working in this field for 13 years. She worked at a daycare,
previously to becoming a teacher.
3. Would he/she like to change the direction of his/her career at this time or in the
future? Explain
She doesnt want any changes, she really enjoys being in the classroom.
4. To a prospective teacher, what advice can be given to improve your preparation
for student teaching?
Her advice to improving my preparation for student teaching is to try to jump into
the teaching role as soon as possible. This will give me more experience and
practice time. Hoping that the Master Teacher is flexible.
5. Specifically, what advice would the teacher give for seeking a teaching position?
Her advice is to make sure this is the career you want. Its not as easy as it looks.
Be ready and really flexible.
6. What does this teacher think should be changed in the curriculum to improve the
education of children?
The one thing I would change is that they have to know too much in such an early
age. This takes away from their social skills, no time for ELD, Science, PE, Arts,
to name a few. Its really hard for some of the students to adapt.
7. (Additional Pertinent questions)
If there is anything you could change, what would it be? Or is there something
that was recently changed that you would keep?
Yes, the one thing I would change is the amount of information they have to
learn. The one thing I would keep is no testing for 1st grade. This was a very
stressful time for the students and teachers alike.