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Subject: Math

Grade: 3rd
Class: Mrs. Carlsons 3rd Grade
Date: 8/16-12/16/2014
Teacher: Amy Carlson

Instructional Objectives: Students will build their own community with the classmates they
have in their classroom. They will suggest names for their community and there will be a vote
amongst the classmates to name their community. Each student will select an occupation in
which the teacher will select a reasonable salary for that occupation. After students select an
occupation they will sign a contract stating they accept the salary. Students will receive a pay
check every two weeks. This paycheck will be based on the occupation they have selected.
Students will receive the full paycheck if they have completed all their assignments for the two
weeks. For each assignment not completed a days work will be subtracted from their paycheck.
All students will have bills to pay each month these bills will include: computer rental fee,
insurance for computer and materials borrowed from school, and a utility bill. Students will use
basic math to subtract the amount of their bills off the amount of money they have in their
student account. Each month students will receive a bill from the teacher. The bills must be paid
by the 25th of the month. Any bills paid after the 25th will be considered late. Students must
submit a statement in return stating which bills they paid and if they dont have enough money
how they plan to pay in payments. At the end of the project students will write a one page
summary telling what they learned from this project. This project will start at the beginning of
school and go through Christmas Break.

Assessment Rubric:
Student Name:

Student selects an
Student participated
in discussion for
community name
Student submits
signed contract
accepting salary

Awesome Job!
Student submitted
assignment on time
(10 pts)

Good Job! Student

assignment, but not
on time. (6pts)

Boo! Student never

assignment. (0pts)

Student pays bills on

time for month 1
Student pays bills on
time for month 2
Student pays bills on
time for month 3
Student submits one
page summary on
what they learned
from this project.

Question or Problem Posed to the Students: What are three important things you learned from
doing the unit on Community Living?

Strategies for Student Collaboration: Students will work individually on this project, but will
be encouraged to discuss and converse with classmates regarding the assignments.

Resources that Students will use to meet the lesson objectives: Students will need to have a
calculator, a notebook to keep track of bills and incoming cash. Teacher will email a paycheck
to students and they will record that amount to keep for their record.

Strategies for feedback and scaffolding: We will have a video discussion where I will explain
the project and how it will work. Students will be able to ask questions at this time. Students will
also be encouraged to email or call the teacher with any questions they may come upon as we
work through this project.

Time allotted for this lesson: This project will last four months. Students must select an
occupation by 8/20. Teacher will provide salary information on the contracts ready for students

to sign by 8/25. Students will have their first set of bills due on 9/25. There will be three months
in which students will pay their bills: 9/25, 10/25, 11/25.

Lesson notes, miscellaneous, justification:

Authenticity- Students will learn the true meaning of paying bills and working in a
community with different people who have various occupations (classmates).
Academic Rigor- Students will have to use knowledge in math to be able to balance their
money throughout the month.
Applied Learning- Students will use their knowledge from this project to successfully
live in a community someday.
Active Exploration- Students will learn real life instances where you must work to get a
paycheck and pay the bills.
Adult Relationships- Students must learn to work with other adults of different
occupations within and outside of their community.
Assessment- Are students able to reflect on their experience with different points they
have learned by completing this project.