Immigration Policy

Jodie Annis
Wayne State University
SW4710 – Dr. Martin-Keys

United States Immigration
One major problem identified in
the United States Immigration
process is that many illegal
immigrants come to the United
States and give birth to their
children. This then automatically
gives their children citizenship,
leaving US citizens born to illegal
immigrants (US Citizenship).

United States Immigration
• 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the US
• ―An estimated 340,000 babies born in the United
States in 2008 were the children of unauthorized
immigrants‖ (Rodriguez, 2013).
• ―Between July 1, 2010, and Sept. 31, 2012, nearly
23 percent of all deportations—or, 204,810
deportations—were issued for parents with citizen
children‖ (Wessler, 2012).
• ―annually, more than 90,000 parents with U.S.citizen kids are removed from the United States‖
(Wessler, 2012).

What happens to the children?
• ―About 5,100 U.S. children in 22 states have
lost parents to deportation‖
• ―15,000 more (children) face similar threat in
the next five years‖
• ―On average, 17 children are placed in state
care each day as a result of the detention and
removal of immigrant parents‖
• ―…younger children are transferred to state
custody and put up for adoption, never to see
their parents again…‖
• ―Child welfare departments and the federal
government aren't required to track cases of
families separated by deportation‖
(Rodriguez, 2013)

United Kingdom Immigration
• Children born in England do
not gain citizenship if parents
are not citizens.
• Must live in country for at
least 5 years.
• Must not have broken any
immigration laws while in
(Become a British citizen, 2014)

England vs. United States Immigration
• The United States and the United Kingdom (UK) have
similar immigration policy, but the UK has stricter
rules in place.
• The United States deports more illegal immigrants
than the UK.
• Due to babies born in the UK not automatically
becoming citizens, children are not orphaned from
parents being deported as in the United States.
• People do not migrate to the UK illegally to give birth
to children, since there is not the benefit of
citizenship like in the United States.

Proposed Policy Change
• Immigration policy is enforced by the federal
government, therefore the following proposed policy
changes must be approached at the federal level.
• Ending the right to automatic citizenship if born in the
• Ability for illegal immigrant parents of American children
to apply for expedited citizenship without leaving the U.S.
• Enhanced security at borders and increased deportation of
illegal immigrants without American children.
• Increased fines to those that employ illegal immigrants.

Goals of Policy Change
• Stopping automatic immigration would decrease the amount of
migrants trying to cross the boarder by removing the reward and
would end the problem of illegal immigrants having children that
have American citizenship.
• Giving parents of American children a way to become legal
without separating them from their children will hopefully lessen
the expense on the US government of taking care of orphaned
children from parents being deported.
• Increasing security at borders will help decrease the number of
illegal immigrants coming into the country in the future.
• Increasing the penalty to employers that employ illegal
immigrants will make finding employment more difficult,
discouraging the migration of illegal immigrants.

Policy Feasibility
• These changes are very similar to what the UK already has in
place, therefore the feasibility is very high for the UK.
• Supporting this policy change:
• These proposed policies fall between the Republican and Democratic
• Republicans are opposed to amnesty, but may be persuaded to support this
because it does not propose automatic citizenship just an expedited
application process.
• Democrats support amnesty, therefor may oppose making all illegal
immigrants go through an application process even if expedited.
• Both parties support increased security at our boarders and of those who
employ illegal immigrants unlawfully.

Policy Implementation
Federal Representative
Candace Miller – Republican
Mrs. Miller has already proposed bills to increase security at US borders

• Proposing policy change:
• Bring information in organized fashion to Mrs. Miller.
• If Mrs. Miller likes the bill she could potentially present it
before congress to be enacted, if she is opposed to the bill,
this worker would need to seek out other representatives that
would be willing to present the bill.

Personal View
• This worker has witnessed a family being ripped apart from one of
their parents due to their illegal immigrant status.
• This worker has been a foster parent and has witnessed the
impact growing up in foster care has on children.
• This worker’s personal connection to this topic. This connection
makes this worker passionate about being a change agent to
promote better outcomes for the population affected by
immigration policy.

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