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Jessie Worger

Linda Williams

Tool Box
Standard 5.1 Behavior
Class Constitution/Class

Plan of the Day

Standard 5.3 Intervention

Think, Pair, Share

Circle Up



At the beginning of the

year I will circle all my
students up and
purchase a big white
poster board for writing
our agreement on. We
will talk about what we
expect from each other
as a classroom.

This will help my students

because it will create a
safe environment for them
and create a culture of
care. When a student is
not behaving correctly,
not only are they breaking
a contract with me but
they are letting down the
rest of their peers.
This gives the students a
feeling of control because
they know what to expect
for the day. The POD
also helps keep the teacher
on track

Plan of the Day is

where the teacher
writes on the board
what the students can
expect to be doing that

Think, pair, share is an

This is an activity that
activity where after a
allows students to get to
writing activity, reading
know each other and
activity, or lesson, I ask
express their ideas. If a
students a question to
student is too shy to talk
ponder over. Next I ask in front of the whole class,
shoulder partners to
this is a great way for
turn to each other and
them to still share their
discuss their ideas and
ideas and this allows
then I ask for
everyone to participate.
volunteers to share their
ideas with the class.
This is an activity that This is very beneficial for
is mainly done in the
students because it gives
beginning of class. It is them a chance to express
usually a check-in or a
their feelings and allow
way to see how your
their peers to get to know
students are doing.
them better. If something
is going on in their lives
(like a death or sickness)

and they want their

classmates to understand
why they are acting
differently, this is a safe
way to express their ideas.
Standard 5.8 Parent/Guardian
Letter or Postcard Home

Teacher Website

Standard 6.1 Alternative

Teaching Technique/Methods
Ticket to Leave

A letter home is when a This is very beneficial for

teacher writes an
the teacher-child-parent
individualized letter to relationship. If you write
the parents of a student a letter home about why a
about the strengths of student is a great student it
that student. It could
will build the confidence
talk about why that
of that student and also
student is a pleasure to build trust with the parent.
have in class and also Then, if a student is acting
where that student
up in class a teacher can
needs to improve.
call the parent and the
parent wont be as
defensive of their child
since they know the
teacher cares and likes
their child.
A teacher website is a
A teacher website is a
web page where both
great way to keep parents
teachers, students, and
involved in their childs
parents can access class
education and a way for
information. It can be
students to check for
used to post homework, homework. The teacher
updates, and upcoming
website places the
responsibility on the
parent and the child to
finish homework
assignments and makes
the teacher very

The ticket to leave is

where the teacher gives
the student an
assignment to complete
in order to leave the
class. It can be a
notecard that says what
they learned that day or

This is beneficial because

it allows the teacher to see
what the student has
learned in class that day
and allows the teacher to
personally check in with
each student.

Blooms Taxonomy-Levels of

Standard 6.2 Instruction for

Exceptional Learners to Meet
Diagnosed Needs
Individual projects and how to
present it

Visual Aids

Standards 6.3 Individualization,

Modification/Accommodation for
Exceptional Students
Enhanced or Differentiated

a worksheet.
This is a pyramid of the
different levels of
questioning. The levels

It is important to use a
variety of levels of
Blooms taxonomy
throughout your lessons
because it activates
different parts of your
brain. It is a good strategy
to start with the lower
levels and then build up to
higher level questions.

Individual projects can

be a project that the
teacher assigns over a
certain subject.
Students can use power
points, drawings,
movies, or dramas to
demonstrate their
knowledge to their

This is a very good tool to

use to allow students to
demonstrate their unique
skills. If a student has
more room to be creative,
then they will be more
likely to be invested in
their project and do a
more thorough job.
Individual projects allow
students to be creative and
find what interests them.
Visual aids can be
Visual aids help students
pictures on power
that are visual learners and
points, photos, posters, also that have a disability
diagrams, charts,
such as a hearing
graphs, and other visual
disability or a learning
disability. Visual aids
allow students to connect
ideas with pictures or
posters and can sometimes
clarify an idea. Visuals
also make lessons more

This is where the

teacher gives students
that are at different
levels different

This is very useful for

teachers because it allows
teachers to challenge
students that are at all

Give instructions in more than one


Standard 7.1 Utilize Technology

Smart Board

Student Powerpoint

assignments that fit

their learning ability. It
can be giving more
challenging questions
on homework
assignments to gifted
students or giving
struggling students
extra guidance.
Giving instructions in
more than one way is
where teachers explain
the instructions through
the multiple
intelligences and
through different
mediums. For example
a teacher can orally
give instructions for a
project, write it on the
board, and also draw a
flow chart for it.

levels. The gifted

students wont be too
bored and the struggling
students wont be ;left

Students have some

stronger multiple
intelligences than others.
For example one student
may understand hearing
directions better than
seeing them written on a
paper while other students
are the opposite.

A smart board is a
Smart boards are
common class room
beneficial for students and
tool in most schools
teachers because it is very
now. It is an interactive interactive. Students can
board that connects to a go up to the board and do
computer and has many
different exercises.
different applications.
Teachers can use lessons
that previous teachers
created so it saves them
This is where a student Student power points are a
creates a powerpoint to
great way for students to
either teach a lesson,
show their knowledge of a
demonstrate their
subject without having to
knowledge, or do a
take a big test. They can
project. Students can
be creative by designing,
work in groups or
adding pictures, and
individually and use
transitions to their
pictures, music, and
powerpoints. These allow
more student self
expression and can teach
students how to work in

Standard 8.2 Positive Behavior,

respect, and moral standards
Discovery Program
Character Education

The discovery program

is a program that