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Majority Vote Project

Majority Vote Project Landon Everhart and John Kanaan 11/7/14 Mr. Bacher (Digitial Electronics A Day)

Landon Everhart and John Kanaan


Mr. Bacher (Digitial Electronics A Day)


The purpose of this project was to put everything we have learned in class together into one activity. John and I combined what we learned about truth tables, circuits, Boolean algebra, and breadboarding into completing this project. We got more hands on experience with things such as Multisim and using breadboards. This helped us learn how to better use these resources. This project basically was for us to demonstrate the ability to take what we learned and apply it.


Engineering Notebook, Pen, Multisim, Breadboard, myDAQ, Mr. Bacher.


I began this project by reading the introduction to the project. After retaining the introduction, I created a truth table based off the information provided. Using this truth table I created an un-simplified logic expression. I then created and sketched out an AOI logic circuit based off this un-simplified expression. To test this circuit and make sure it was correct, I used Multisim to remake my circuit and make sure it worked as expected. Next, I began to simplify the logic expression using Boolean algebra and created a much smaller logic expression. I then designed and sketched another AOI logic circuit in my engineering notebook, but this time it was for the simplified expression. I once again tested the circuit using Multisim. Finally, John and I breadboarded our simplified AOI circuit and checked it using the truth table.


The concepts covered in this project include creating truth tables and making logic expressions from them. Converting logic expressions into AOI circuits and testing them on Multisim is another concept. Also, using Boolean algebra to simplify a logic expression and breadboarding a circuit are concepts.


This project was interesting and I learned a lot from it. I moved through the beginning steps of the project easily. I ran into a few problems when simplifying the logic expression with Boolean algebra. After working through it a few times I finally worked it down all the way. John and I also ran into a few problems while breadboarding, which I believe came mainly from organization of wires. After organizing everything, the breadboard worked perfectly. A pro of this project was the learning process and how it helped connect all the things we recently learned. There were not many cons besides the fact that it took a bit of time. If I were to do this project again, I would work on my Boolean algebra a bit and organize my breadboard better.