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Federation is one of

the most important

events in the history
of Australia!

The birth of our nation is often referred

to as 'Federation'. The Federation of
Australia was the process by which the
six separate British self-governing
colonies of Queensland, New South
Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South
Australia, and Western Australia
formed one nation.
The six colonies Western Australia,
New South Wales, Queensland,
Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia
were in a lot of trouble, so that would
make federation the only thing to save

Australia. Federation all started when a

man named Henry Parkes whose
dream was to bring all the six colonies
together to make one big nation. Henry
Parks quoted Our business being to
colonize the country, their was only
one way to do it- by spreading over it
all the associations and connections of
family life. Federation still inspires
Australia to maintain itself.

Federation all started with two men

named Henry Parks and Alfred
Deakins. Henry Parks was named the
father of Federation because his
dream was to get all the colonies
together as one nation. Alfred Deakin
was an Australian politician, was a
leader of the movement for Australian

federation and later the second Prime

Minister of Australia. Without Henry
Parks and his big ideas we wouldnt
have this big nation and without Alfred
Deakins help we wouldnt be what we
are now.
For several decades leading up to
1883, Australia has been in the need
of a federal government. Henry Parks
had his dream but he didnt have the
answer Yes from all the colonies
because he hadnt told anyone about
his idea of federating all six colonies to
make a nation. Henry Parks had a
series of meeting to make his dream
true. Henry Parks then held a speech
named The Tenterfield Oration on the
24th of October 1889 to make sure

everyone knows what he is going to

do. Henry Parks said mentioned a few
thing like The great question which we
have to consider is, whether the time
has not now arisen for the creation on
this Australian continent of an
Australian government and an
Australian parliament and others like
This Convention will have to devise
the Constitution which will be
necessary for bringing into existence a
Federal Government with a Federal
Parliament for the conduct of this great
national undertaking to make sure
everyone would understand what he is
trying to say. Without the Tenterfield
Oration Henry Parks wouldnt have got
his dream come true or we wouldnt be

If Henry Parks hadnt had his idea

we wouldnt have the birth of our
nation or have formed a nation.
Federation was a huge part of our
history. Luckily he did what he did
and luckily Federation is still
continuing as it is inspires others.