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We have filed a proposed class action lawsuit in Federal court and are conducting a
continuing investigation into barriers to access on San Francisco city sidewalks or in its parks,
buildings and other city owned facilities. Our investigation includes two major areas:

Physical Access Barriers on City Sidewalks—

• Missing or inadequate ramps at intersections, passenger loading zones located in the

middle of city blocks, and city owned buildings;
• Curb ramps improperly aligned with cross walks;
• Obstacles such as light poles along sidewalks;
• Broken, crumbling or uneven pavement along the length of the sidewalks or
crosswalks; &
• Narrow sidewalks

Access to Facilities, Programs, and Activities —

• Public buildings, such as public libraries, city pools, parks, museums, and other
buildings housing city programs or services, which have:
o Paths of travel that are too narrow, steep or otherwise inaccessible;
o Non-operational elevators;
o Entry-ways with stairs or very steep ramps;
o Inaccessible bathrooms;
o Service counters and drinking fountains that are too high or located in
inaccessible locations;
o Inadequate signage;
o Inaccessible door hardware or excessive door pressure that makes it hard to
open the door;
o Insufficient accessible parking

If you have encountered any such barriers, please share your experiences with us.

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