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Venu madhav rao peechara (siu 853153480)

In recent times the growth of urban vehicular traffic had generated serious transportation and
environmental problems around the world. To address the basic traffic mobility, driver safety
and disaster supplies an intelligent transportation system is needed. The recent developments
in information technologies lead to development of vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V).
V2V communication demonstrates unique characteristics and reliable network access to
enhance driving comfort and pleasure. Currently multi radio access technologies (GSM/GPRS,
CDMA, and WIFI) based V2V using cognitive radio framework being developed to replace the
existing fixed based V2V on single radio to enhance the performance degradation in
metropolitan and other areas. This report is aimed to address three issues in vehicle to vehicle
communication.1) the efficiency of information exchange among connected vehicle 2)
simulation methods and analyzation of protocols 3) vehicle to vehicle communication

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