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Diversity Case Studies Reflections



3.1 Chocolate Bar Fundraiser: Take away the competition and

make it a group effort. Create fundraisers such as discounts at restaurants

(Chik-Fil-A, Applebees, etc.) or a festival that the parents can volunteer time
as opposed to money. Allow for parents to vote by email, send home
information about the situation and ask for parents opinion on how to move

5.4 Multicultural Day Parade: Calling it a costume leaves too

much room for misunderstanding. If students wear traditional clothes from

their country, other students may be under the impression that all people
from that country wear only that. Culture- art, music, holidays, food, etc
from a country; ethnicity- belonging to a social group with common cultural
traditions; heritage- something that one receives with birth; nationalitybeing a citizen to a nation. A Multicultural Day would be to represent many
different cultures and International Day would represent the countries of
the world. There can be more than one culture associated with a country.
Students who may not know their families culture or may not be proud of
their culture may be questioned by other students as to why they are not

7.1 Boys versus Girls Trivia Contest: The boys and girls

were taunting each other about which gender is smarter and able to
handle losing. Mr. Williams failed to diffuse the comments and halt the
stereotype conversation from going any further. The students may feel
inadequate in subjects that their gender tend to not win competitions. This
increases feelings of difference for students who are transgender or do not
identify with a gender group. Splitting students into teams by random
numbering (even/odds), Favorite color, hair color, or birthday seasons.

8.1 A Surprise Fire Drill: It is important to accommodate Aiden

but without taking away the authenticity for the other students. It is
important to take into consideration Aidens parents wishes, especially
because he is a special needs students and his unique situation is known and
understood best by his parents. I would have Aiden taken out of the room a
few minutes before the fire drill in order to have the headphones put on and
have him follow in line with the class once the alarm goes off. Have a
discussion with the principal and Airdens teacher so that there is an
understanding of what accommodations need to be given for Aiden.

9.4 Two Moms:


10.1 Student Translator:


4.1 The Winter Party:


Read back over your reflections from the semester. Put your reflections into
Wordle to help you notice any themes. Then use the following questions to
help guide your final blog entry: What did you notice? Have your ideas/views
changed over the semester. If so, how? If not, why do you think your views
did not change? How did you connect these case studies to your teaching in
the internship?