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Universidad Catlica de la Santsima Concepcin

English Pedagogy
Teaching Practice

Class: 2
Date: November
Time: 60
Pre service Teacher:
N of SS: 4
10th, 2014
1 pedagogical
Daniela Melipilln
catlica de la
Michael Ruiz
Aim: Learning Outcome: SWBAT describe, ask and answer
about past events, orally.
Assumed knowledge:
- Vocabulary used to talk about daily life such as: personal
REF to Planes y Programas
information, hows the weather like, interests, hobbies.
Simple present
- Verb to be
Where did you go yesterday?
Infinitive form of verbs
I went to the cinema
Did you do your homework?
Yes, I did/ No, I didnt
Target Language:
regular and irregular verbs
S.Past: Affirmative sentences: Subject + Verb (past) +
S. Past: Negative sentences: Subject + didnt + Complement
Wh questions: Wh word+ Did+ Subject+ Verb (infinite)+
Yes/No questions: Did+ Subject+ Verb(infinitive) +C?
Anticipated problems
- Students may have problems with the
use of the verb to be in the simple past

SS may have problems with the use of

the auxiliary verb Did.

..and Solutions
T. will show SS the changes verb to be
suffers in the past tense, using a ppt with
the structure of a sentence in the simple
T. will clarify the use of the auxiliary verb
Did by showing examples of its use in
past simple sentences.

Data: PPT with target
language examples and
most common verbs used for
description of past events.
Pictures of different
situations/ events.


PROCEDURE (What T and SS are going Time

to do)


T. greets ss.

3 min

T. elicits knowledge asking ss about their

weekend and telling them about hers

What Im going to say

T. presents the Aim of the class


Good afternoon! How are you

Did you have a good weekend?
What did you do? Did you go to
the cinema (ss name)? Well, I had
a great time! I went to the beach
and to a restaurant there. There I
ate empanadas and I drunk a little
bit of wine. It was wonderful!

10 min

T. presents the use meaning and form in a

ppt and past form of verbs




T. provides the instructions for the next


10 min

T. provides the students a worksheet with


T. Projects the worksheet on the ppt in order

to explain & exemplify the activities and
also for revision.

So, as you can imagine. We are

going to talk about past events.
In order to talk about past events
we use the simple past tense. For
this we need to know the structure
and formation sentences in this
T. show structure of simple past
aff. Sentences, neg. sentences,
and questions using a ppt and the
whiteboard and for the verbs.
Now we are going to work in a
worksheet (shows the worksheet
on the ppt).
Here you are (take one and pass
the rest).
T. provides the instructions for
each activity 1 and gives 3 min.
(then revision)
T. makes the same with the other


15 min


T. asks the students to make a circle.

T. provides the instructions of the activity
T. provides the students some cards with
verbs or whole actions on (e.g. Jump or
Jump next to the teachers desk twice). A
student stand up and do their actions, and
the people sitting down have to say or write
down what he did, plus where he did the


T. asks the students to work in pairs again.

T. provides the instructions of the activity

20 min

So now its time to wkr in pairs!

We are going to make a fun game!
Im going to give some of you a
card with an action that you have
to act in front of the class and the
rest needs to describe the action
(in past of course) that the
classmate was making. Who and
For example I received a card
which says dance. So I start
dancing and you describe was I
was doing and where. E.g teacher
was dancing next to the

T. asks CCqs to check understanding.

T. Provides the students with a picture

T. ask the students to use that material to

have a short dialogue, discussing about the
picture and describing it.
T. Monitors the classroom
T. gives general feedback

T. close the class

(T. turns on the ppt) For this

activity you will have to work in
pairs and discussing and describig
the picture you see on the ppt. You
need to ask questions such as:
What do you think she was doing?
Or describe the picture in past
such as: they were having a party.
What do you have to do?
You nee to use present simple
tense or past tense? (yeees)
Ok. Ill be monitoring the class. Ill
be hearing your conversations.
You can ask me anything if you
have any doubt
T. monitors the classroom
I think you work really good today.
(T. provides feedback)
What do you think about todays
class? Was it good? Give me your
opinions please. What did you



learn today? What was the most

difficult part?
Ok guys see you neext week. Bye!