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Mini Lesson Planning Tool for Integrating Technology

Title of Lesson:________________________________________________________________
Curriculum / Content Area:_______________________________________________________
Grade Level: ______________



Answer the following questions:

1. Do I know how to use the technology tool(s) that will be used by my students?
2. What technology skills do my students already have that are needed for this lesson?
3. What technology skills will they need to learn to complete this lesson successfully?
4. What is the appropriate setting for this lesson (classroom, lab, library, home)? Is this
setting available for my students to use?
5. What tools and resources will I need? (List of all Web sites, specific software and hardware,
and other needs.)
6. How much time do I need to allow for this lesson?
7. Who can help me with the planning and/or implementation of this lesson?
8. How will I assess the students learning?