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SIT TESOL Certificate Course

Practice Teaching Observation Sheet

Teachers Name: Demetrio
Trainer: Linda-Marie
# of Students: 25
Level: Intermediate
Date: Oct 16
Time: 30 mins + GTKY
Lesson type/topic: ECRIF
Learning Objective: SWBAT: use 1 3 phrasal verbs to randomly ask opinion questions in a mingle activity.
In general: A successful S-entered CRIF class, lots of opportunities for S-S speaking, with inductive activities. Needs to work on
contextualizing the TL throughout the lesson.

In regards to your work on 1. Improve matching activities, so that SS have to really think to do it. Good!
action points during this
2. Have my materials ready to go. Nice materials!

3. Make sure my lesson is graded for the appropriate challenge level. Much better!

Actions points for next PT: 1. Dont let SS stand up until you provide instructions.
2. Make lesson relevant, in a real life situation.

I notice
(Description of students and teacher
actions or words)

I am wondering and/or thinking.

Interpretation: what helped/hindered
student learning and
Generalizations: Themes and inside or
outside theory that connects to and/or
explain what might have helped and/or

I am offering
(specific and measurable possible action
plans/suggestions as well as questions for
consideration and exploration)

hindered student learning


Remember my name?
Groups as seated. Describe any item
you have. Dont use cell phone
because were going to pass it
aroundt monitors as SS pull out an
item. T: Show me one item per
SS: Oh!
T: Rosalia use last letter of name,
use last letter .
Are you ready? Elicits step-by-step,
SS start doing it


Elicits some
As SS what they had to do last week,
step by step
Todays lesson is phrasal verbs,
elicits whats after verb, etc.
T gives little strips of verbs and
prepositions to small groups to make
T monitors

I'm impressed that they can remember

the steps of last weeks lesson! It must
have made a big impression on them.
Nice matching activity it makes sense!

T: Give yourselves a hand, you

solved it!
Elicits: come up with , think about,

Brainstorm questions using those


I think it would have helped to 1) give

a context, and 2) model this.

Group in front of me is discussing

how to do it. Girl in blue says twice,
in this classnow they are trying to
use the TL, What are you coming up



S: I need to write.
S: Why?
Stand up and find someone not in
your group, use the questions

Learning styles?

Several CCQs (but many SS were

talking, not listening)

Nice CCQs, but you need to get their

attention first.

SS jump up and begin talking

I wonder what theyre talking about? Is

there a context?

And keep switching, and talking, and

I do hear someone working on using
End of class. Applause.

SS are doing lots of talking!

They enjoyed your class!