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Sarah Carpenter

Media Madness

Media Unit Plan

Identification Information
Title: Media Madness
Topic: Media and Advertising
Grade: ELA 9
Timeline: 7 weeks (Sept 3 Oct 17)
Sarah Carpenter
Magrath High School
Media Madness is a unit focussed on the impact of the media in students lives, and the importance of
being able to think critically about the media that is encountered daily. It will place an emphasis on
advertising, propaganda, validity, censorship, and social mediaall aspects of media influence that
students may not have previously considered from a critical standpoint. The unit will include multiple
minor projects and formative activities, and one major project in which students will write an opinion
essay about the pros, cons, and issues involved with the media, based on their learning in the unit.

Each lesson will begin with an entry in a response journal, based on a controversial quote about media
that I will bring up on the Smartboard. A mini-lesson will follow, with activities that will be assessed
mostly formatively. At the end of each section (advertising, propaganda, validity, censorship, and social
media), a mini-project will be completed for summative marks.
The media impacts the lives of students daily, from the advertisements they view while travelling to
school to the messages they view on their Facebook accounts. As a result of being bombarded with this
influence so frequently, they may not be aware of the implications of it, or how to analyze it from a critical
standpoint. This unit satisfies many of the requirements of the Alberta Curriculum through general and
specific learner objectives (specified below). The activities students will participate in each day are
grade-appropriate and can be easily adjusted for ESL students and struggling learners, based on the
amount of writing expected. The variety of texts will appeal to different types of learners, though the
visual and auditory are emphasized as the next unit will focus on more written texts. This unit begins the
year to hook students attention, and will begin to lead students toward the type of critical thinking and
text creation that will dominate the next two units.

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
1.1 Discover and Explore

talk with others and experience a variety of oral, print and other media texts to explore, develop
and justify own opinions and points of view

explore and explain how interactions with others and with oral, print and other media texts affect
personal understandings

develop and extend understanding by expressing and responding to ideas on the same topic, in a
variety of forms of oral, print and other media texts

extend understanding by taking different points of view when rereading and reflecting on oral,
print and other media texts

1.2 Clarify and Extend

integrate own perspectives and interpretations with new understandings developed through
discussing and through experiencing a variety of oral, print and other media texts

2.1 Use Strategies and Cues

use previous reading experiences, personal experiences and prior knowledge as a basis for
reflecting on and interpreting ideas encountered in texts

2.2 Respond to Text

experience oral, print and other media texts from a variety of cultural traditions and genres, such
as essays, broadcast advertisements, novels, poetry, documentaries, films, electronic magazines
and realistic fiction

compare and contrast own life situation with themes of oral, print and other media texts

consider peers interpretations of oral, print and other media texts, referring to the texts for
supporting or contradicting evidence

relate the themes, emotions and experiences portrayed in oral, print and other media texts to
issues of personal interest or significance

discuss how techniques, such as irony, symbolism, perspective and proportion, communicate
meaning and enhance effect in oral, print and other media texts

identify features that define particular oral, print and other media texts; discuss differences in style
and their effects on content and audience impression

2.3 Understand Forms, Elements, and Techniques

explain the relationships between purposes and characteristics of various forms and genres of
oral, print and other media texts

identify ways that a change in narrator might affect the overall meaning of oral, print and other
media texts

summarize the content of media texts, and suggest alternative treatments

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
analyze creative uses of language and visuals in popular culture, such as advertisements,
electronic magazines and the Internet; recognize how imagery and figurative language, such as
metaphor, create a dominant impression, mood and tone

2.4 Create Original Text

generalize from own experience to create oral, print and other media texts on a theme

3.1 Plan and Focus

synthesize ideas and information from a variety of sources to develop own opinions, points of
view and general impressions

assess adequacy, accuracy, detail and appropriateness of oral, print and other media texts to
support or further develop arguments, opinions or points of view

select information sources that will provide effective support, convincing argument or unique

3.4 Share and Review

communicate ideas and information in a variety of oral, print and other media texts, such as
media scripts, multimedia presentations, panel discussions and articles

integrate appropriate visual, print and/or other media to reinforce overall impression or point of
view and engage the audience

4.3 Present and Share

integrate a variety of media and display techniques, as appropriate, to enhance the appeal,
accuracy and persuasiveness of presentations

follow the train of thought, and evaluate the credibility of the presenter and the evidence provided

provide feedback that encourages the presenter and audience to consider other ideas and
additional information

5.1 Respect Others and Strengthen Community

take responsibility for developing and sharing oral, print and other media texts and for responding
respectfully to the texts of others

5.2 Work within a Group

contribute to group efforts to reach consensus or conclusions, by engaging in dialogue to

understand the ideas and viewpoints of others

Learning Outcomes
Students will:
1. Develop media literacy.
2. Become aware of advertising techniques and how they are used.
3. Think critically about how media works and how media messages affect their lives.
EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
4. Explore issues surrounding bias, validity, and censorship, and develop the skills to recognize
5. Analyze social media, and the messages that are sent through it.
Essential Questions
How does the media affect our everyday lives, and why is it important that we can see how it affects us?
What kind of techniques does media use to try to sway our opinions, and how can issues like bias and
censorship arise out of these techniques?
How does the media affect how we portray ourselves to others?
Learning Activities and Instructional Strategies

The unit will use a large amount of critical discussion (class discussion and partner discussion),
as well as individual reflection


Time Capsule (out of /12, not included in media unit weighting)

Media Booklet (smaller daily assignments)

Create-an-Ad Dragons Den Project

Ad Quiz

Censorship Speech Project and Presentation

Daily Response Journals

Final Opinion Essay

Unit Calendar
Class 1

First day. Intro, going over

Intro and work on Time

course outline and

Capsule project

expectations. Student and

teacher introductions.
Icebreaking game.
Hand out/assign
textbooks and write out a
textbook list. Names can
go on in masking tape.
Emphasize supplies must
be here for tomorrow.
Response journal will start
Friday. I will be collecting

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
it, so it needs to be in
some kind of separate
book. Divide up binder
sections- daily work,
project work, media
booklet. Will be binder
checking every two
weeks. Explain hand-in
Explain tutorial procedure.

Set up students in google

classroom, explain that
Im going to try having
mostly online
assignments this

Explain how to use

textbook (glossary,
copyright page, table of
contents x2). Text
scavenger hunt sheet
Time capsule project

RFU Testing

Media madness unit intro.

Hand out media booklet
duotang to students. Do
prestudy. Brainstorming

types of media, working

definition for what is
media, more types of
media, polleverywhere,
class discussion (is
media good or bad),
intro to messages in
general (types
portrayed in the media),
EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Gates Testing

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
scavenger hunt to find
types of messages
(online or around
Send out materials
reminder using

Advertising - Begin with


Continue from yesterday.

journal entry.

techniques partner

(Possible as sponge

Brainstorming (where

discussion, then explain activity -

do you see ads), small

specific techniques


group discussion then

Deconstructing media -

class discussion (why

media triangle


market to teens?

explanation, explore

3/analyzing.pdf , find

Where is the best place

handout questions for

and analyse magazine

to market to teens? Is

deconstructing based

ads with a partner.)

there a place where

on media triangle.

Begin mini-project. Small

there are no ads),

Work together through

groups each choose a

agree or disagree

first 3 sets of ad

technique, and each

statements, advertising

questions as group

group makes an ad that

in schools response

(divide into 4 groups,

clearly uses their

question. Effects of ads

each looks at one

technique for a product

on teens article (divide

question, question 2 &

that already exists.

into 6 groups, each

3 together, rotate

Must include a write up.

read one paragraph

groups each time).

Can be done in iMovie

and summarize for the

Then choice of ad filled

or on a poster.

class) Include last

out individually in

Chance comic strip

booklet. Clearly identify

Need pencil crayons

(Crossroads) and

ad techniques.

Poster Board


Send reminder to bring


pencil crayons and/or

Blank and coloured

markers tomorrow.


Work on mini-project

Read Two Sides of

Ad test

Send out ad test


Continue bias lesson

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Work on mini project



Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness

(Crossroads) and do
chair debate activity
3 per team, switching
out, can switch sides,
etc. Start with demo
round. OR split class
into three teams, one
for, one against, one
judges panel. Must use
and add onto
arguments for their

Ad test review Jeopardy.

Begin bias lesson


Bias Identify bias as a

Lead into media

Begin censorship project

Share mini-project

concept. Brainstorm

censorship with if they

Reading comp pretest

definition then reveal

only showed the good

actual one. Identify

news, and if people can

bias in words

insert bias so easily,

egotistical, proud,

what information is

confident; scrawny,

being left out?

underweight, slender.

Three little pigs story


as example of bias

MooU Write down 4

(read Jon Scieskas

interesting facts. Share


with a partner.

Cover types of bias

have students divide

Intro censorship-

into groups and each

definition ( a form of

read a section of how

bias by omission- what

to detect bias in news

counts as censorship

article, then create a

and discuss difference

between them)

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

quick poster of it (just

markers and chart
paper). Move to news
articles as form of
media. Students should
work in pairs, and
write their own news
article that contains a
clear bias.
Read Good News
(crossroads) and look
at it from point of view

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
hands up if youve
heard of these, theyve
all been banned or
challenged. Discuss
possible reasons for
banning a book, good
or bad? Have students
stand up and move to
for or against sides
of the room, discuss
their position, and
defend. No right

of bias toward the good

Readout of banned

news. Class discussion


good or bad?

Look at a biased news


script with a partner,


highlight examples of


bias in pictures and

writing, and identify

Have them think of a

type of bias. Students

book theyve read or

will be called randomly

are currently reading,

to show bias in same

and themes in it that

article on board, and

people could think

identify how it could

inappropriate (could

have been made

even be silly, like a


book about birds and

worms were offended),
and students give as
speech as a character
from a book describing
who they are and why
they shouldnt be

EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
banned. If very
uncomfortable with
speeches, may present
to just me.
Censorship project

Practise and share

Begin lit terms booklet

Lit device common

censorship project (Tues)

(Wed 9B, Fri 9A)

assessment (Thurs)

(draw popsicle stick

Students should comment
constructively on 3 other
speeches (did the speech
convince them or not?)
Their comments will be
given to the other person
anonymously, but I will be
taking them in with names
for accountabilitys sake.
Students self-assess
censorship project and
hand in to me if they
provide a description, I
may incorporate this

Social media

Concluding-Oct 15

Journal entry on
whether social media
connects us or drives
us apart
(((How do you use

Create a short personal

social media
polleverywhere, google
moderator question (is
social media helpful or
hurtful) and have
students vote and reply
to other responses)))

response essay inclass essay (1-2

pages, double spaced,
14 point font) of your
thoughts on the subject
(Chris essay prompt)
Make sure to show your
own personal bias! Use
positive or negative
words appropriately.

Mention Stanley cup


EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Continue lit terms booklet

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
riot and the effect social

media had on it,


when/why does the

map/ to check!

obsession with social


media go too far?

(naming baby


Facebook, like, etc)


Peer edit using Google

9k (Block out swear at

Drive share your

1:26. Watch to 4:43 ish)

essay with someone

and have them leave

Advertising yourself -


social media
experiment vid
pJU), class discussion
reaction of the last guy
(right or wrong? Is it an
invasion of privacy if
you make your
information public?),

How reliable is the info

we have on social

Lit terms booklet with

extra time
EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness

Assessment and Evaluation Plan

Assessment Evidence
Performance Tasks, Projects
Time Capsule (out of /12, not included in media unit weighting) (representing)
Create-an-Ad Dragons Den Project (writing, speaking, and representing)
Censorship Speech Project and Presentation (writing, speaking, and representing)
Final Opinion Essay (writing)
Quizzes, Tests, Assignments
Media Booklet (smaller daily assignments) (writing)
Ad Quiz (writing)
Daily Response Journals

Other Evidence (observations, work samples,

Student self-assessment


Beginning of year goal setting

Partner discussion and classroom discussion

Students will use rubric to assess themselves for their


censorship project/presentation

Exit slips


% of unit

Media booklet
Create-an-Ad Dragons Den Project
Ad Quiz
Censorship Project and Presentation
Daily Response Journals
Final Essay

25% (20% writing, 5% listening)

20% (10% representing, 5% writing, 5%
5% (5% writing)
15% (10% writing, 5% speaking)
15% (10% writing, 5% representing)
20% (20% writing)



EDUC 3604 Unit Assessment Plan Template

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness

Assessment Tool Overview

Tool Title

Assessment Assessment
Brief Description





OF Learning

Students collect items or write summaries

Time Capsule

representing who they ae at the beginning of the

(out of /12, not

year. These will be opened at the end of the

included in

year to examine student growth. Will be

media unit

assessed summatively for completion, but not


weighted very highlyits more for the benefit of

the student.
Students will create an advertisement for a
product, focusing on one of the advertising

techniques we discuss in class. They will

Dragons Den

present to their peers when completed. Students


will vote for the winning ad and provide

constructive feedback as to why they didnt vote
for the others, and what could have been
improved (cannot vote for your own).
Students will write a speech from the point of


view of a literary character from their favourite


book, and convince the class of why they should

Project and

not be banned. The speech will be performed in


front of the class, and students will use a rubric

to assess themselves after presenting their
An opinion essay that will integrate learning from
the whole unit, focusing on the broad question of

Final Opinion

whether the student thinks media is positive or


negative. It will be marked on writing

conventions, but not typical 5-paragraph essay

Sarah Carpenter
Media Madness
Smaller daily assignments that should be
completed in class on the day they are
Media Booklet

assigned. This will be checked regularly for

understanding, but assessed summatively at the

end of the unit.
Ad Quiz

Ad techniques quiz.

3-4x / week journals based around a prompt that


relates to media. Students are provided a rubric.


Will be read and commented on formatively, and


given a summative mark at the end based on

improvement and effort.


and classroom

Extension Enrichment/Special Considerations/Differentiated Instruction

The unit will be modified for IPP students. Modifications may be made for the censorship project if students
cannot present in front of the class, and some students may be given less to write for larger projects like the
final essay.
Connections to Other Areas of Curriculum and/or Other Language Units
Connects to the media unit in the grade 9 health curriculum.