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Learning Prescription-Social

Childs Name: Michael

Age: 4 years old

Date: 9/10/2014 -9/15/2014

Areas of Strength and Confidence

1. Michael can form relationship with his peers and teachers.
2. Michael can meet his own needs when going to the bathroom.
3. Michael can respond to emotional cues, when he observes a child crying or upset he responds with
4. Michael provides help to his teacher when cleaning the tables after lunch time.

Areas Needing Strengthening

1. Michael cant manage his feeling when his upset or angry (he begins tantrums).
2. Michael doesnt know how to solve social conflicts during free play activities (when children take
something he was using he starts to scream Mine!! Mine!!).

Activities to Help
1. Read stories to help Michael manage his feelings. The books that can help Michael are: Mine! Mine!
Mine! By: Shelly Becker and I can Share By: Karen Katz.
2. Have a puppet play on how to solve peer conflicts and introduce new vocabulary to respond during
conflict resolution.

More Comments:
Michael is a well listener he enjoys learning and reading books. The above books will help Michaels
development on managing feelings and solving peer conflicts. Since Michael is a visual and
kinesthetic learner according to the observations that were made.

Observers Name: Aracele Melgoza