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Learning Prescription-Language

Childs Name: Michael

Age: 4

Date: 9/10/2014-9/12/2014

Areas of Strength and Confidence

1. Michael has well manners during lunch he tells his teacher thank you or can I get more milk
2. Michael speaks clearly during circle time and peer conversations.
3. Michael engages in peer conversations and group discussions.
4. Michael can use more than four phrases.
5. Michael can ask questions to his peers such as, who wants to be my friend?

Areas Needing Strengthening

1. Michael cant tell about a different time or place.

Activities to Help
1. Provide Michael a visual chart to remind him about time and place.
2. Create open- ended questions to help remind Michael about the setting and have him draw what he did
at the setting.

More Comments:

Observers Name: Aracele Melgoza