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Expendable? Or
A look on the death penalty

Why the death

Justice for all.
Keeps criminals scared
and off the streets.
Could be good for the
economy under the
right circumstances.

Justice For All!

The administration
of justice is the
firmest pillar of
George Washington

Why NOT the death

Possible mistakes

The Merciful Receive


I have always found

that mercy bears
richer fruits than strict
Abraham Lincoln

Some believe the

death penalty to be
Once facts are
analyzed we will see
that the death penalty
is indeed good for
those who chose evil.

Good or Evil?

Justice VS Morality
One of the biggest issues
with the death penalty
comes with the 8th
amendment which
prohibits the use of any,
Cruel and unusual
punishment, leaving
some to believe that any
type of capital
punishment violates the
criminals constitutional

However others may

argue that the constitution
was set up with the idea
of, Liberty and justice
for all, which others may
use to support the idea
that capital punishment
gives the purest form of
justice to those who have
chosen to commit the
most heinous crimes

Perhaps not.

This is quite possibly the biggest controversy surrounding the death penalty. Is it
unconstitutional or not? When one stops to analyze what the founding fathers had
set up he will see that the death penalty was still used during early colonial times
and was never abolished when the constitution was written. Whether you agree
with it or not, it does not violate the constitution.

Others make the claim that

there may be evidence in the
future showing that the
criminal was indeed innocent.
However we cannot rule out
the blessings modern
technology and DNA
Forensics. In the past several
decades, this has proven to be
successful in finding, catching,
and convicting those who are
guilty of the crime. We dont
need to second guess the guilty
verdict anymore.

Theres no way to say, Whoops,

sorry! (Why would you need to?)

These claims could go on and on however we have to realize that whether we like
it or not, capital punishment will most likely never be abolished. So what can we
do to make things better?

Agree to disagree..

Unfortunately, death row

is expensive
Currently, one of the reasons the
death penalty is seen as a non
effective form of crime punishment
is the cost. Since 1978 the total cost
of death row inmates in California
was about $4 billion.
Those on death row are likely to cost
anywhere from 2-5 times more than
those who would spend the rest of
their lives in prison.
Its not uncommon for death row
inmates to spend 15-20 years in
prison filing numerous appeals
which cost money and clog our court

In California
Annual death row penalty
system costs about 137
Annual life without parole
system costs about 11.5 million.
The high costs for death row
come primarily from all the
appeals filed and maximum
security attention needed for
those on death row.


By the Numbers


The cost of lethal

injection, gas chambers,
and even the electric
chair can not only be
expensive but also long
painful processes for
the victim.
However the cost of a
bullet is cheap. Only a
couple of dollars.

Lets just shoot em!

The solution is quite simple. But some

changes need to be made.
1st Trials should be longer and more
thorough to have more reliable evidence
and verdicts.
2nd NO MORE APPEALS!!!! After
substantial evidence has been given,
once the judge smacks his mallet, thats
3rd No more lethal injections, electric
chairs, gas chambers or audiences. Stick
to a firing squad no more than a couple
weeks after trial has concluded.

The Conclusion