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Before: Before reading Sponsors of Literacy I too thought that the term literacy only
pertained to reading and wri:ng.
A=er: I now dene literacy as the knowledge of a par:cular subject. One can be
literate in any subject as long as they are knowledgeable about it.

My mother has been the most inuen:al on the academic side of my sponsorships.
She stayed at home from the :me I was born up un:l two years ago. By staying at
home, she has always been a source that is easy to access when I need help with
schoolwork. More important that that, however, is that she is the one that led me to
my academic journey of learning. She is the one who taught me the basics on
language and gave me my founda:on of literacy before I entered school. In this way,
she sponsored my academic literacy.

My father was also one of my main sponsors of literacy, but on a dierent subject. As
described through the examples in the Sponsors of Literacy essay, he may not have
known that he was a sponsor to me at all. He taught me how to carry myself and act
like a gentleman in every day life. He did this indirectly simply by leading by example.
I watched him closely every day and his good habits rubbed o on me. In this way he
sponsored my literacy of being a man.

The teachers that I had over my thirteen years of public school are my academic
sponsors. They provided me with the founda:onal knowledge and skills that I will use
in my next four years of college and later on in my life.

My church is another sponsor. They have provided me with religious literacy that I
use daily as a guide. This religious literacy guides me to know how I want to live my
life for Christ each day.

Technology is another sponsor of literacy, academically and socially. Growing up my

mother had me watching educa:onal television shows all the :me. Instead of
cartoons and garbage, I would watch the history channel, discovery channel, and
educa:on kids programs that taught me the basics of educa:on and made it fun for
me. I believe that watching the history channel and discovery channel is a very big
factor in my decision to be an engineer.

My nal sponsors of literacy are my athle:c coaches. They taught me almost

everything I know about sports. They taught me the basics as a child, and once I
started high school, they began to provide aWen:on to my innate skills as an athlete
to help me reach my full poten:al. They also provided literacy on how to accept wins
and losses which is not only an athle:c lesson, but a life lesson as well.


I believe that, for the most part, my sponsorships have been adequate. Most of my
sponsors, such as my parents, coaches, and religious sponsors, have done their best
to set me up for success, and it has been more than enough. My only complaint
about my sponsors is my teachers. Although they are all very good people, some of
my teachers over the years could have been beWer. As I enter college and meet other
people form outside the public school system, I realize that I may not have had access
to the best academic sponsors in that sense.


The only thing I would change about my sponsors is a few of my teachers. I wish I
would have had access to the best teachers available during my public school career.