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BTE 321, Assignment #2 (Due date: 30th October 2014)


A temperature sensitive micro-organism has the shape of a sphere of diameter 40

m. The organism doesnt become active until its surface temperature reaches 30
C. Suppose the micro-organism is initially at a uniform temperature of 15 C
when it is placed in a liquid at 38 C. The convective heat transfer coefficient
between the surface of the microorganism and the surrounding liquid is h = 5
W/m2K. For the thermal properties of the micro-organism, use the properties of
water at 30 C.

a) Estimate how long it will take the creature to become active.

b) Determine the rate of heat transfer required.
2. Consider steady two dimensional heat transfer in a 4 cm long solid rectangular
plate. One side of the plate is exposed to convection process with h = 100 W/m2K
at T = 100 C, while the remaining surfaces are maintained at 50 C . The
thermal conductivity of the body is k = 1 W/mK, Using the finite difference
method with a mesh size of x = y = 2.0 cm, determine
a) The temperature at the center of the plate
b) The rate of heat loss per unit length from the convection exposed surface