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Get Some Sleep!

Date: 10/28/14

Teacher: Lindsay Parker

School: Spartan Elementary

Class: KIN 355

Equipment Used: 5 orange cones
Grade Level: 4th
Targeted NASPE Standard(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Specific Objective:
By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to answer the
following questions:
Is it easier or harder to focus when you havent had enough sleep?
(Answer: harder)
How does sleep deprivation affect your performance and ability to
focus in the classroom? (Answer: it makes it difficult to understand
and focus on the lesson, and it causes students to have to reteach
themselves or get additional help from the teacher because they did
not retain any of the information)
How does sleep deprivation affect your memory? (Answer: lack of
sleep causes you to be unable to remember what you learned during
the day)
How many hours of sleep should you be getting a night? (Answer: At
least 8)
Concomitant Objective: The students will be physically active and show
that they have had enough sleep by avoiding the sleep deprivation
taggers. The object is to get your whole team across to the other side
without getting tagged.
Procedures Followed
Warm Up: Warm up is not needed because the
activity provides enough physical elements.



If you can hear me say Shhh.
Please come out and stand on the red line.
Set Induction is given here
Set Induction:
While standing on the red line,
By a show of hands, how many of you have
ever been sleep deprived?
What were some of the side effects of feeling
tired? (Yawning, stretching, falling asleep in
class, not being able to focus, etc.)
How many hours of sleep should we get a
night? (8 hours)
Today we are going to prove that we slept at
least 8 hours last night by avoiding the

negative effects of sleep deprivation.




Learnable Piece:
You will participate in a relay where you will
try to avoid the taggers who represent the
negative effects of sleep deprivation. You will
need to be able to tell me how sleep
deprivation affects your performance (slows
you down).
Presentation of New Material/Directions:
Students will be broken up into five teams for
the relay race. Two people will be selected to
be the sleep deprivation taggers. These two
people represent the side of effects of sleep
deprivation. One tagger will be the yawner
and the other tagger will be the stretcher.
The relay will start by all members of every
team doing eight jumping jacks. These 8
jumping jacks represent the recommended
hours of nightly sleep. These will be done one
time all together as a team.
Once the team has finished the jumping jacks,
the first person from each team will run to the
other side. If he/she is tagged, he/she will
have to run back to the end of his/her line. The
whole team will have to either yawn or stretch
as a team before the next person can run.
Having to do this slows the team down from
winning the relay, just like a lack of sleep
slows peoples focus and performance down.
The team will continue to run until every
person of the team has made it across without
getting tagged or until another team has done
so and therefore wins.
SAFETY: tag lightly on the shoulder, watch
out for your neighbors while running, and
make sure you are spread out enough when
doing the jumping jacks and/or yawning and
stretching so you dont hit anyone
The first team to get their entire team to the
other side of the gym wins and proves that
they got the best nights sleep last night!
Standing on the red line, I will select two
people to be the sleep deprivation taggers.
They will come stand by me and then students
will count off by 5s. As they count off I will
designate one tagger as the yawner and one
as the stretcher. Once they have counted off, I




will tell the students which tagger is the

yawner and which is the stretcher.
When I say go 1s please go to the far cone,
2s please go to the second cone, 3s please
go to the third cone, etc.
Taggers will come out to mid-court
o How many jumping jacks will you do
when I say go? (Answer: 8)
o What happens if you get tagged by the
yawner? (Answer: run to end of line and
whole team yawns together) By the
stretcher? (Answer: run to end of line
and whole team stretches together)
o When can the next person in line go?
(Answer: when the person before them
has reached the other side of the gym or
after the whole team has
o How do you win? (Answer: The whole
team makes it to the other side before
the other teams)
Will span the whole gym
Five cones set up on green line
Each team will stand behind their designated
When I say go the game will begin
(Protocols and activity explained above)
Possible Modifications: Have students run back and
do both the yawning/stretching and an additional 8
jumping jacks
Lesson Review:
What did the 8 jumping jacks you did at the
beginning of the relay represent? (Answer:
Recommended hours of sleep)
How did this activity slow you down from
winning the relay? (Answer: Being tagged by
the yawner/stretcher slowed us down. We had
to go back)
What are the side effects of being tired? How
does sleep deprivation slow you down from
learning? (Yawning, stretching, falling asleep
in class, lack of focus and performance)