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Our History
In 1986 when Christine McIvers son Derek was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, there were very few programs in the
province designed to help children and families navigate a frightening diagnosis of childhood cancer. There were no Alberta cancer
camps at the time, so Christine registered Derek in a B.C. camp. Seeing the smile on his face and the laughter in his eyes when he
returned home strengthened her resolve to build an Alberta Cancer Camp.
Christine wanted her son Derek to have a chance to be a kid again and she wanted to ensure other parents like her would not be alone
in their battle with childhood cancer. Working as a volunteer out of her basement in the late 80s, Christine and a group of dedicated
parents and volunteers set to work to build a support system for children and families facing childhood cancer.
In 1991, this group established the first cancer camps in Alberta under the auspices of the Canadian Cancer Society. In 1994, Christine
founded the Kids Cancer Camps of Alberta, an organization dedicated solely to helping children with cancer and their families.
Internationally recognized for the quality and diversity of programming, these life-affirming camps were uniquely designed to meet the
needs of the whole family at each stage in the cancer journeyfrom diagnosis through treatment, and even bereavement.

Buoyed by the success of the camps, the volunteers and staff of Kids Cancer Camps knew it was time to begin addressing the full
spectrum of childhood cancer. In 1999, the Foundation expanded its mandate to include funding of childhood cancer research and
clinical support programs. In 2008, the Foundation established the first scholarship fund in Alberta for cancer patients and survivors.
Today, the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta is one of the largest childhood cancer research funders in the country. The
Foundation now offers more than 20 year-round and summer Camp & Community programs to Alberta families.
Kids Cancer Care is one of only a handful of charities in North America dedicated to supporting the entire continuum of childhood
cancer, fighting the disease on all frontswith laughter at camp, the best treatments at the hospital with innovative science in the lab
and with brighter futures through post-secondary scholarships.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Kids Cancer Cares History:


Our Vision
Kids Cancer Care is passionately dedicated to helping young people
affected by cancer and their families survive and thrive in body, mind
and spirit. The Foundations vision is: a cure for every child, care for
every family.

Our strategic plan to serve our vision:

We serve our vision by offering camp and community programs,
funding vital pediatric oncology research, enhancing the level of
support that kids with cancer receive at the hospital and awarding
scholarships to childhood cancer survivors.

Kids get to be kids, rather than be branded as

patients. It is a morale booster to come in contact
with other kids who have successfully fought cancer.
Its good for them to be away from commonly
observed (and understandably) over-protective
parents. - Dr. Deepak Bansal

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Our vision of the future:


Our Impact
This year, more than 100 Alberta families will hear that their child is
diagnosed with cancer. More than 250,000 families worldwide will also hear
the diagnosis this year. What follows are months of chemotherapy, radiation,
surgery, remissions and relapses as well as sleepless nights for mom and dad.

Childhood cancers differ in many ways from those in adults. They develop in
different parts of the body, look different under the microscope and respond
differently to treatments.
Science has made it possible for close to 80% of these Albertan children to
survive cancer, but when they do survive, the experience can produce lifelong debilitating physical and cognitive side effects.
For a child diagnosed with cancer, life is put on hold. Often this causes a
withdrawal from friends and family, feelings of alienation and loss of selfesteem.
Camp allows kids going through this experience to regain a normal life. They
play, explore nature, take on challenges and have the time of their lives in a
supportive and safe environment.
Kids Cancer Cares camp programs offer young people across Alberta a
chance to escape the rigours of cancer treatment for days of fun-filled
adventure with kids their own age. After months of bed-ridden isolation,
children at camp soon discover they are not alone in their struggles.
As more children live beyond cancer, the need and demand for cancer camps
continues to increase.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Kids Cancer Cares impact, in human terms:

Children from across Alberta are given a chance to exchange

the rigours of cancer treatments for days of fun-filled
adventure with kids their own age. After months of bedridden isolation, children at Camp Kindle soon discover they
are not alone in their struggles.

Research funding is at the core of the healing process
enabling scientists to search for better treatments and a cure.
Today, because of advances in research, the survival rate for
childhood cancer is close to 80 per cent in resource-rich
countries such as Canada.

Camp allows kids going through this experience to regain a

normal life. They play, explore nature, take on challenges and
have the time of their lives in a supportive and safe
environment. Each year over 500 children with cancer and
their siblings attend camp. Additionally, over 1,500
participants attend our year-round outreach programs.

Funding ensures that researchers find new cures so these kids

get the therapies they need to beat cancer. KCC funds talented
researchers working right here in Alberta to find better
treatments for kids, ones that have fewer side effects and less
debilitating long-term impacts.


Hospital Programs

In recognition of the support needed by kids suffering with

long-term effects from cancer, the Kids Cancer Care Derek
Wandzura Memorial Scholarship program has been
established to help young people with a history of childhood
cancer pursue their dreams through education. To date we
have distributed 95 scholarships since 2008.

Clinical support funding ensures kids and their families receive

the best in care right here in Southern Alberta.

At the hospital, KCC funds programs such as the beaded

journey, parent pizza nights and various education initiatives
all designed to enhance the level of care received.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Kids Cancer Cares Key Program Areas

Camp Kindle & Community Outreach


You can help


You can help

Support for kids and families in crisis

Last year, over 500 children affected by cancer and 78 parents
benefited from attending Camp Kindle. Many more also benefited
from our year round community outreach programs. They were
able to play, explore nature, take on challenges and have the time
of their lives in a supportive and safe environment.
Because of YOU Kids CAN
Kids Cancer Care relies on friends like you to provide
our programs and services. We receive less than 1% of our funding
from government support.

The Derek Wandzura Memorial scholarship not only aided in the

financial aspect of my post-secondary education but stood as a
symbol of my ongoing accomplishments in my education and in
my life. scholarship recipient

The week at camp rebuilt a part of her that was lost over the
previous couple of years. Camp restored her self-worth. She was
transformed. Thank you for giving and caring so much.
A Parent

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

By supporting Kids Cancer Care you will

be providing.


We can help

Recognition in our Kids Candidly newsletter

Shout-outs on Kids Cancer Cares Facebook and Twitter pages

Opportunity to be associated with a well-known and well-regarded

childrens cancer charity

Opportunity for your organization to volunteer with the Foundation

Invitation to Camp Kindle to meet the kids who benefit from your

Chance to make a real difference in the lives of children with cancer

Your generosity will bring care, compassion and hope

to children and families throughout their cancer journey.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

In return for your support, Kids Cancer Care can offer you the following benefits:


We can help

Media & Marketing. We can assist in promoting your event

through local and social media such as Facebook and Twitter
Support Materials. We will provide you with background
materials and collateral along with a letter of support to help
encourage employee engagement in the campaign.
Spokeskids. Our trained spokeskids, volunteers and/or staff are
available to speak at your office or any events.
Tax receipts. Well provide charitable tax receipts subject to
Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Support. Were always just a phone call or email away. Please

dont hesitate to contact us if you need help!
Volunteers. We have large pool of amazingly dedicated
volunteers that we can request support from.

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Here are a few ways Kids Cancer Care can help you


Contact Information
Senior Event Coordinator, Community Fundraising
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
Phone: (403) 930 6951
Fax: (403) 216-9215
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
609 14 Street NW, Suite 302
Calgary, AB. T2N 2A1
Charitable Registration #: 89940 9171 RR0001

Going to camp and meeting other kids whove gone through similar experiences has helped boost her spirits and confidence. Trying new
activities, as well as rediscovering her independence has made such a difference. We have our happy, carefree girl back again!
- a parent

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Lauren Ellis

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Thank you for considering

our request!

The causes of childhood cancers are still unknown, while many adult cancers have
been linked to environmental, occupational and lifestyle issues.

Childhood cancers differ in many ways from those in adults. They tend to grow
more quickly and, so, are more responsive to chemotherapy and radiation

However, these therapies can be harsh and have lasting effects on growing bodies.

Psychological effects of prolonged and numerous hospital visits, changes in their

appearance and abilities, and the chronic threat of the disease affect many children.
Throughout the course of their disease, many are forced to maintain a very
sheltered and protected childhood and are isolated from social contact and
extracurricular activities.

Parents worlds are turned upside down as they struggle to maintain family life in
the midst of this emotional roller coaster. Siblings experience separation anxiety
from their parents and sick siblings, along with feelings of guilt and jealousy.

Treating children with cancer is complex. Caregivers work to maximize their physical
and emotional well-being to facilitate healing at all levels.

Each year approximately 110 kids are diagnosed with cancer in Alberta. Another
600 kids are in long-term follow-up treatment at any given time.

Campbell was at the hospital from April until Christmas, with only the occasional day pass.
Throughout the entire treatment, he was never left alone. His parents took turns and
one or the other stayed with him all the time. a grandparent

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Appendix A - Childhood Cancer Facts