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Elathram I

Nesreen Elathram
Professor Douglas




9 September 2014

I Believe in Islam
Islam, the last heavenly religion after Christianity and Judaism, is my religion. In
Arabic, the word "Islam" means peace and it was appeared in Arabic land, now Saudi
Arabia. Basically, Islamic religion is based on mercy, benevolence and full of wisdom
that was created to ensure a respectful, enjoyable and peaceful life for the followersSo
become a Muslim

I should believe that there

is no God but

Allah and I should believe in

all heavenly religions that God created like Christianity and Judaism. Moreover, I should
believe and love Mohammed, the messenger of Islam, Jesus, Moses and all other
prophets. I believe in Islam because it has plans for every stage in human life, it has the
answers and solutions for all of my life's problem, and it endows me with an inner peace
that I pursue in this short life.

As a Muslimf should believe in all good manners in the world and help people

and wish the other the same as I wish for myself and not cause any trouble to other

people. For examplefslam teaches us not to harm anybody either because we are all


humanlve have the right to live in peace toeetheland no one has the authority to ruin
someone dlse's life. Therefore, bur prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him,



Elathram 2
anyone harms (others) God


will harm him



anyone shows hostility to others God

show hostility to him"(1625).


Islam is a curriculum of

^*A created by God to guide us to the right path that

leads to heaven and paradise. As a believer in Islam all of my beliefs came from it.



like a net that covers every aspect of my life. The presence of all of my beliefs is a result
of my religion,so that is why I cannot live without religion, I feel I am lost. I cannot even
imagine how my life would be without religion. Islam shows us how to conhol my
tongue, my nerves, and my feeling in order to be a good person who deserve heaven. Our
prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, said " the strong person is not the good wrestler
rather the strong person is the one who controls himself when he is angry,,
@- 73



Islam encourages us to think wisely before doing somgthing we regret by emphasizing

on the idea that the strong person is the one who can forgive not who is ready to fight.

As Muslimlwe follow these principles in actions before words in order to get the reward

from God by entering his undescribed Heaven which we all p'rsue.




Heisalway,-,ffisorapersonfullofsins.Godisthecreatorwho ^4
loves his worshipers more than the love that a mother has for her child. Furthermore,

Islam never forgets anybody in society. It never leaves us, it prepares us for every stage
in our life from our birth to death .As a daughtenjt teaches me how to treat my parents

with love'when they get old, as a wife it shows'me how to build

a respectful, successful,

and long-l-asting relationship with my husband and as a mother it enlightens me with

guidelines about how to raise my sons and teach them the right values and principles.

Elathram 3


In his book " The last lecfure", Randy Pausch , wrote, "Too many people go
through life complaining about their problems. IVe always believed that if you took one
tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you'd be
surprised by how well things can work out" (p. 163). In other words, he says that many

people spend most of their time talking about the problem instead of spending it on

looking for solutions. Islam is the solution for my-ltlif6! that I was, am and will be


ephemeral religion that


the most beautiful thing about Islam is that Islam is not an

stay for a while then disappear either pragmatically or

theoretically. The numbers of believers are augtnenting rapidly because they found the
answers in Islam the same as I found answers for my questions there. And also, although

it appeared nearly thousand and four hundred years ago, it is not stagnant. It works for
every place and every time.

our prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, said " I came to complete the
manners of people" . In other words, he said that all people inherently have good manners
and tend to stand with pure behaviors like honesty, reliability, faimess, equitability and

righteousness, so Islam came to strength and to emphasize on these good behaviors in

order to provide a blessed life for humans. Our great prophet Mohammed, peace be upon

him, also said "Smiling in yout brother's face is an act of charity.

so is enjoying good

and forbidding evil, giving direction to the lost traveler, aiding the blind and removing
obstacles.from the path" (zsr). These are all good manners that I believe in which I all

gain from my believing in this beautiful religion.

Elathram 4
However, I became Muslim not only because my parents are Muslims but also

I thought deeply about Islam whether is it the right religion for me the more I dig

in Islam the more my love increases. Without doubt the book that has a significant effect
on my belief is the Quran, the religious book of Islam, which is known by its powerful
and strong language that would touch the heart of every reader. Quran is so effective and

emotional that no one can read it without realizing that it cannot be written by humans it
should have been existed by the creator of the universe. From 2006 to 2010, beside my

study at school, in the mosque I was studying the holy Quran, the religious book of Islam.

It took me four years to memorize the whole book. Most ofthe people in my region strive
to keep it and push their children too. Because the reward from God to Quran keepers is
very lofty. However, the most important thing is to practice Islam not to memorize Quran
but the more you are close to Quran the more it will affect your life and make you a pious

I do not anticipate that my beliefs would change in the future because I already
have profoundly contemplated on them and I thought about ifthey are the solution for
my life or not and if by these beliefs I will end up in

beautiful heaven or a dark hell.

hope that my belief in Islam becomes stronger and stronger because I concluded that the
more Islam in my heart the more calm and peaceful my soul become. I want to conclude

by saying that people usually say that "what has he found who has lost God ? and what
has he lost who has found God?

can acknowledge that the kind of person who needs a

map to follow, who needs previous people to walk their way and who needs a God to

Elathram 5
worship. I cannot live randomly without knowing what my rule in this life is. Why I was

if I do not have a rule.