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Jack Mescher


A qualified and refined candidate for political reporting. Having been born and raised in Iowa while receiving a
global education. Acutely aware and interested in political happenings that impact Iowans and the broader
national context. Majored in Politics, International Studies and Philosophy between Drake University and Loras
College. Has worked extensively across Iowa politics, both at the Iowa Legislature and on presidential,
congressional, state and city campaigns. A strong community member and Dubuque resident engaged in service
and philanthropic organizations that provide a network of communication and automatic audience. Motivated by
a desire to help in creating an informed electorate. Regarded by peers, colleagues and professors as having
deeply held principles, noteworthy personal character and an authentic expression of honesty.


Rod Blum for Congress 2014: Development and Voter Outreach

August 2014-November 2014
Organized constituent committees for community feedback to the campaign. Drafted Letters to the Editor on
behalf of the candidate. Assisted with college organization. Personally contacted 3,500 voters by phone and
door; employed persuasive speech rooted in reason to share the message.

The Lorian: Political Opinion Writer

Loras College Paper: August 2013-December 2014
Write pieces analyzing local, national and international political happenings through critical lens. Submit
weekly articles, roughly 700 words in length to editing staff.

Time-Delphic: Political Opinion Writer

Drake University Paper: January 2012-May 2013
Offered critical analysis of national politics including, American foreign policy, the Iowa caucus and
Obamacare. Relate information relevant to student audience and their respective interests. Challenge status
quo assumptions in writing professional and articulate arguments.

Iowa House of Representatives: Legislative Intern

January 2012-April 2012
Conducted research on proposed legislative bills. Took objective notes in caucus meetings, Gubernatorial
meetings, General Assembly session and committee meetings for the purpose of generating reports and
recommendations to House Majority Leader, Rep. Steve Lukan.

Loras College: 2013-2015
B.A. in Politics, International Studies & Philosophy
Triple major in 3.5 years with 3.70 GPA

Drake University: 2011-2

Courses in Politics, International Relations & Philosophy
Transferred from
3.63 GPA

Broad and sound understandings on most current political issues facing the state, nation and world. Can
navigate government personnel and agencies to gather reliable information for articles. Exceptional verbal
and written communication tools, enabling a positive rapport between government officials, campaigns and
other interviewees. Numerous connections across the Iowa politics spectrum. Gumption to find sources,
information and the people who make up the story. Proficient in technological skills pertinent to any modern

Available upon request