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Dear Rebecca,

This university writing course was an excellent first class experience for my
college career. It changed my perceptions about what college writing was about. Previous
to my writings during this course, I had not written many opinionated narratives. Most of
the essays I wrote in high school were statistical research based, because that was what
my teachers said college writing would be like. This assumption was immediately
shattered by this course. I was surprised when I was instructed to include my voice in my
writings during this class. This was a relatively new concept to me and made me feel
significant was a writer. It gave my writing a new purpose and motivated me to look for
ways to improve. It was also fairly significant to my major. Being a freshman, in prebusiness, this will not be my last writing-intensive course. This class shaped my writing
process and my habits when it comes to writing papers in a positive way. I will use the
structured organization and reflective characteristics that I accumulated through
completing assignments during this course to give my future writing accelerated
objectives. Through journal entries and narratives I learned valuable skills that I will
carry with me during my collegiate career. I enjoyed the inquiry assignments in this
course because I felt like they helped me gain a better grasp on my recent academic
transition. Researching my literacies was also very helpful in changing my perspective as
a student. I now view my literacies as skills in a professional realm. I view my literacy
narrative as the most impactful assignment completed during this course. I wrote this
piece based on what I felt I had experience in and I feel as though it morphed me as a
writer. Like I said previously, viewing my literacies as a skill is a perspective that
advances me in a business-professional realm. I feel as though this view will be
significant later in my major and in my profession. Being able to see skills in a business
realm will be significant in management, so although this course was not specific to my
major, I still reaped benefits in my course studies. This method of introspective research
was new to me, but seeing as though I enjoyed it, along with reflecting upon my works, I
gained valuable experience from these assignments. They also changed my opinion on
research. Previous to this course, I viewed research as a tedious, boring task that I had no
intrinsic motivation to complete. I now see that applying research to my interests and
myself allows for a more entertaining research process, and in-turn improves my inquiry
as a whole. Seeing as though I completed two inquiry projects on discourse communities
in two of my required courses this semester, I can assume that it is a concept that I will
see continuously through college. I learned a great deal, not only about course-specific
material, but also about myself through this inquiry. I am very anxious to see where this
ambitious curiosity leads me next!
Thank you for being an awesome teacher and mentor,
Taylor Woodby