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The Northern Renaissance

Textbook p. 480
NB p. 53

Where did the Renaissance begin?
Northern Italy
Humanists argued that if you enjoyed life, you would
offend God. True or False.
False.- Argued to enjoy life without offending God
Name 3 qualities a Renaissance Man would posses.
Witty, charming, sings, dance, writes poetry, skilled rider,
wrestler, self control
Name 2 famous paintings that Leonardo da Vinci painted.
Mona Lisa and Last Supper
Michelangelo painted the ceiling of which chapel?
Sistine Chapel

The Northern Renaissance Begins

1. What three components of the Renaissance
spirit were demonstrated by da Vinci,
Michelangelo, and Raphael?
2. What does it mean to sponsor an artist?
3. How did the Northern Renaissance differ
from the Italian Renaissance?



da Vinci

Ideas Spread
By the late 1400s Renaissance ideas spread to
northern Europe, especially France, England,
Germany and Flanders





Flanders was the first place to sponsor artists
because it was rich from cloth and trading

Fontainebleau Castle

Artistic Ideas Spread

Describe the work of Albrecht Drer, Hans
Holbein, Jan van Eyck, and Pieter Bruegel.

Self portrait of Albrecht Durer

portrait by Hans Holbein

Self portrait of Jan van Eyck

The Ghent Altarpiece Jan Van Eyck

Peasant Wedding - Bruegel

Northern Writers Try to Reform

1. What reasons did humanists give for wanting
to reform society?
2. Describe the work of Erasmus & More.
3. What does Pizan argue for in the primary
source document on p. 482?

Christian Humanists

Best known were Desiderius Erasmus of

Holland and Thomas More of England
The two were good friends



William Shakespeare
Who was William Shakespeare?
What are two ways in which his work showed
Renaissance influences?

The Invention That Changed The World!

The Printing Press

The invention of movable type was made

from a durable metal that could be cast
from a mold rather than hand-carved from

For the first time, books were cheap enough
that people could buy them
By 1500, presses in about 250 cities had
printed between 9 and 10 million books!
At first, just religious books were printed, then
travel books and medical manuals were
Availability of books encouraged people to
read causing a spike in literacy

Process p.54
Refer to textbook p.485 The Legacy of the
Which event is most important in the Legacy
of the Renaissance? Explain.