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SIC Lesson Plan Example

Name: Sheldon Simas

Microteaching Lesson Plan Template

Date: November 14, 2014
Lesson Plan

Daily Role:


Number of

Introduce lesson content, Check for understanding, Pre-cue next lesson


Cones, Poly spots, Soccer balls, stop-watch
SHAPE Standards for PE

CA Standards for PE

X Motor Skills and Movement Forms


X Motor Skills and Movement

Forms (a)

____ Movement Concepts (2)

____ Health Related Fitness (b)

____ Health-Related Fitness (3)

X Psycho-Social (c)

X Personal & Social Behavior (4)

____ Values Physical Activity (5)
Lesson Objectives
Affective: Be sure to participate in each
group/station.provide positive feedback
and any instruction regarding a certain
skill. Jump right in the activity the
students might be doing and take part
Cognitive: For the introduction have the
into it.
students have a clear understanding as to
what they will be doing for the activities.
Health-related fitness:
For the closure make sure to give a brief
check for understanding regarding the
activities that were performed and any
COTS that might have been used for that

Safety considerations: At the beginning

students must be spread out for they will
perform their warm-up either prior to or
post Set-Induction. Students must be
spread out to avoid hitting each other and
maintain good amounts of space so they
dont get in each others way.

of Tasks

Induction: 5

Behavioral Contingencies:
Students must be quiet and listen while
the instructor is talking. The SIC
instructor is trying to provide instruction
as to what the students will be doing.
Students must pay attention in order to
have a better understanding as to what
they are going to do.


Goal Orientation or

At the beginning of the session Good

Morning classHow is everyones Friday?
Be sure to introduce oneself so that
students know who to listen too. Do a
brief review based off of last class session.
Ask the students what they can recall from
Wednesdays lesson and what the
important components were for a certain
drill/activity. Review the difference
between Static stretching and Dynamic
warm-up. Be sure to provide the students
a clear understanding as to what they will
be doing for the days lesson and point out
the different stations in which they all will
participate in. While pointing out each
station; explain to the students what each
station consist of and how much time they
might have for each station. Let them
know to give it their all and have fun with
it. Count them off and send them to their

SIC Teacher will join students

awareness of class.

This task will address

SHAPE standard 4 and CA
standard c.

Students were able to

retain information based
from Wednesdays lesson
regarding the warm-up
importance. They will also
have a better
understanding of the
different types of skills that
were introduced prior to
Fridays lesson.

in circle to maintain visual

of Tasks

Closure: 5


Gather the class in a big circle or group

them together. Briefly go over the days
lesson such as asking them if they enjoyed
the days lesson and what they all obtained
from it. Ask them what new material they
might of learned or participated in. Make
sure to go over any COTS that might have
been introduced and a check for
understanding regarding the different
ways to warm-up. Good Job today
Hands in and a TEAM TIGERS ON 3!!!

Goal Orientation or
This task will address
SHAPE standard 1, 4 and
CA standard a, c.
The students will be
motivated and willing to
participate in the closing
discussion. Students
getting involved and having
a clear understanding of
the lesson.

SIC Teacher will join students in circle to maintain visual awareness of class.