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Child Development 201: Observation, Documentation and Support

Name: Aracele Melgoza

Final Self- Evaluation

1. Why do we observe and assess young children?
We observed and assess young children to define were the childs
development needs progress and were the child stands as far as his
development. The benefits are that throughout the observations a
teacher can differentiate instruction based on the childs needs and
can create a curriculum plan. Since observation reveals the childs
perceptions of the self and others, patterns of behavior, the
strengths and weakness as well as the fact that they take place
naturally and spontaneously. By observing the above development
the teacher can create individual activities to help the child based
on his development needs.
2. List all of the developmental domains
Emotional- feelings, self-esteem.
Social- confidence, self-esteem, social relationships.
Physical- large and small motor skills, hand and eye
coordination, balanced.
Cognitive- knowledge, critical thinking, intellectual and self
Language- alphabet, speaking, listening, writing, letter and
word recognition, stories, songs, books.
Creativity- imagination, role play, handling different textures,
explores the world through senses and musical activities.

3. Name 4 Observation Tools utilized in the early childhood

The Child Developmental Checklist
Photographs of children involved in activities and Developmental
Portfolios (it is important to have evidence of childrens work).
Video Recording and Audio recording
Standardized Test (BDI, COR, DOCS, LAP-D, ESI-D)
4. If you had one thing you would change about the child you
observed what would it be?
If I had one thing I would change about the child I observed, will
be communicating and creating an activity with the child. If I had
the opportunity to do a small group activity with the child; I would
be given the opportunity to view his responses towards the activity
presented to him. Such as observing how he socializes with others
based on the topic. I believe that in order to enhance my
observation with the child I observe would be having the privilege
to engage with the child by proving the child with special tools to
enhance on his challenges/needs.
5. If you had an opportunity to create an activity that has yet to
be developed, but will enhance all the developmental domains,
what would that activity be? Put a Name to the activity and the
The activity that I will implement in the lesson plan will be called
I have Feelings. The children will have the opportunity to
express their feelings by singing and playing an instrument. The
children will enhance their knowledge on their social and
emotional development. The activity will be design into small

In the cognitive domain children will have the opportunity to use

their critical thinking by identifying how they feel. In the
emotional domain children will build confidence by sharing how
they feel and can enhance a positive self-esteem. In the social
domain the children will build social relationships while
participating with other peers in the singing activity. In the
language domain the children will learn new emotions, enhance
their listening skills and will learn new language skills by singing
the song I have Feelings. In the physical domain children will
use large and small motor skills, hand coordination while playing
the instruments and balanced during body movements. In the
creative domain children will explore their imagination while
expressing their emotions (children can make face gestures while
expressing how they feel) and will have the opportunity to explore
the environment through this musical activity.
The benefits of this activity will enhance the childs ability to
express how they feel by singing the song I have Feelings.By
giving the children the opportunity to play an instrument the
children will feel free and animated to express their feelings.
This activity will encourage social skills, cognitive skills and
can improve their attention span.

6. What curriculum was used in the center/home care or CPS

school in which you observed?
The curriculum used in the center where I observed the child was
the Creative Curriculum.