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Bachelor of landscape Architecture ave eanelan sanece en JACLYN ALEXANDRA MARIE BRILLANTES. PORTFOLIO 2013 ABOUT THE DESIGNER Alexa Brillantes graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines - Diliman with a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture last April 2018. During her college years, she became a member of the UP Circle of Landscape Architects ‘and served as a marketing officer from 2011-2012 for the College of Architecture’s LA-Arki Exposition. From Apri:May of 2012, she interned at Paolo G. Alcazaren & Associates in Ortigas. Her love for nature, designing, sketching and painting are some of her interests that have helped build her passion in this field, TROPICAL DESIGN FOR SUBDIVISION CLUBHOUSE TOLENTINO RESIDENCE STA. ROSA, LAGUNA THESIS - THE MANGO WINERY: INTERGRATING WINE MAKING WITH OOO NN RUIZ BULDING, aa a OUm@lRe Arch 55 Ck