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Area 7 IBC Show Class List for 2014-2015

GROUP A: Regular Self-Bred Classes

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs

Not Eligible for BOV or BOS

Variety A: Longfin HM Singletail

A1. Dark Solid Longfin HM Male
A2. Light Solid Longfin HM Male
A3. Patterned Longfin HM Male
A4. Solid Longfin HM Female (any colour)
A5. Patterned Longfin HM Female
Variety B: Doubletail
B1. Solid Doubletail Longfin Male
B2. Patterned Doubletail Longfin Male
B3. Doubletail Shortfin Male (all colours/patterns)
B4. Doubletail Female
(all colours/patterns - longfin and shortfin)
Variety C: Crowntail
C1. Solid Crowntail Male
C2. Patterned Crowntail Male
C3. Solid Crowntail Female (any colour)
C4. Patterned Crowntail Female
Variety D: Shortfin Singletail
D1. Dark Solid Show Plakat Male
D2. Light Solid Show Plakat Male
D3. Patterned Show Plakat Male
D4. Halfmoon Shortfin Male
D5. Traditional Plakat Male
D6. Shortfin Female (all colours/patterns)
Division E: Breeders Division
winners to go to appropriate BOV category

E1. Colour and Form Variations

E2. Form and Finnage
E3. Pairs
E4. Giant Shortfin Male (Trial Class)
E5. Giant Shortfin Female (Trial Class)

F1. Bubblenesters small

Coccina complex

F2. Bubblenesters medium/large

Splendens and Bellica complexes

F3. Mouthbrooders small

Albimarginata, Picta, Dimidiata, Rubra, and Foerschi complexes

F4. Mouthbrooders medium/large

Akarensis, Anabantoides, Edithae, Enisae, Pugnax,
Unimaculata, and Waseri complexes

Division G: Arts and Crafts (Optional)

Not Eligible for BOV or BOS. Must be the work of the entrant.

G1. Photography
G2. Illustration
G3. Crafts
GROUP B: New Breeder Classes
NB1. Longfin HM Male
NB2. Doubletail Male
NB3. Crowntail Male
NB4. Shortfin Male
NB5. Singletail Female (all STs)
NB6. Doubletail Female (all DTs)
GROUP C: Purchased Classes (Optional)
P1. Solid Longfin HM Male
P2. Patterned Longfin HM Male
P3. Solid Doubletail Male
P4. Patterned Doubletail Male
P5. Solid Crowntail Male
P6. Patterned Crowntail Male
P7. Dark Solid Show Plakat Male
P8. Light Solid Show Plakat Male
P9. Patterned Show Plakat Male
P10. Singletail and Doubletail Females (all types)
P11. Crowntail Female
P12. Wild Type Bubblenester (pair) (not eligible for BoP)
P13. Wild Type Mouthbrooder (pair) (not eligible for BoP)
P14. Giant Shortfin Male (Trial Class)
P15. Giant Shortfin Female (Trial Class)

Note: Area 7 has chosen to use the area judging option of combining and splitting classes depending on entry
numbers, so the final class list may not be the same in each show.

Regular Classes: 31
- Trial Classes: 2
- Wild Classes: 4
- Arts & Crafts: 3 (optional)
New Breeder Classes: 6
Purchased Classes: 15 (optional)
52 Total Classes

1st, 2nd, 3rd places, all classes

Best of Variety, Group A Variety Classes
Reserve Best of Variety, Group A Variety Classes
Best of Show, Regular Self-Bred (Group A)
Reserve Best of Show, Regular Self-Bred (Group A)
Best of Show, New Breeder (Group B)
Reserve Best of Show, New Breeder (Group B)
Best of Show, Purchased (Group C)
Reserve Best of Show, Purchased (Group C)
* Best of awards are one each for male and female
Other awards by chapter optional

Area 7 - Official IBC Class List, Accepted by the IBC Judging Board August 15, 2014