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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

Teacher: Julia Robinson


Date: December 3,

School: Rocky Mountain High School

Grade Level:
Content Area: English Title: Chapters 1-2

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson:

Standard 2.2: 2.
Increasingly complex informational texts require mature interpretation and study.
Prepared Graduate: Demonstrate comprehension of a variety of informational,
literary, and persuasive texts.
Understandings: Students will understand the importance of character
development, the importance of the novel, and the importance of discussion.
Inquiry Questions:

Why is it important to further inquire about important characters in a novel?

How does this help us better understand the plot?

How will keeping track of the time span in the novel help us better understand
the events?

Evidence Outcomes: (Learning Targets)

Every student will be able to: demonstrate their understanding of the first two
chapters, the characters, and the setting in To Kill a Mockingbird.
I can: create a character map that shows character development and character
roundness, discuss inquiries and questions about a text, and relate to the text
through a quick write.
List of Assessments:


Quick Write

Character Map

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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and Purpose of Lesson
Should be a creative title for you and the
students to associate with the activity.
Think of the purpose as the mini-rationale
for what you are trying to accomplish
through this lesson.

Approx. Time and Materials

How long do you expect the activity to
last and what materials will you need?

Anticipatory Set
The hook to grab students attention.
These are actions and statements by the
teacher to relate the experiences of the
students to the objectives of the lesson,
To put students into a receptive frame of
To focus student attention on the
To create an organizing framework
for the ideas, principles, or
information that is to follow
(advanced organizers)
An anticipatory set is used any time a
different activity or new concept is to be

(Include a play-by-play account of what
students and teacher will do from the
minute they arrive to the minute they
leave your classroom. Indicate the length
of each segment of the lesson. List actual

Chapter 1-2
The first two chapter of the book set the setting and narrative of the
entire story. This lesson is to help enhance the students understanding
of the two chapters.
90 minutes
paper, pen, markers
Quick Write: Think back to your childhood/you five year old self. How do
you remember your neighborhood? How do you remember your siblings
an neighborhood friends? Write an adventure you encountered that
encouraged the use of your imagination. How did you differ then than
you do now?
Not get with a partner and share your quick write. Have at least five
people share their quick write aloud. How does this quick write relate to
the chapters? How were your experiences similar to Scout, Jems, and

- 5 minutes; Reading quiz

-5 minutes; Introduce Time Line activity; this will help the students keep
track of the important events in the novel and the time span it covers;
worksheet and assignment activity in materials.
- 20 minutes; Anticipatory Set: As described above
- 30 minutes; Discussion on the happenings in Chapters one and two.
View discussion topics/questions that will lead the discussion. This will

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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

Indicate whether each is:
-teacher input
-questioning strategies
-whole-class practice
-group practice
-individual practice
-check for understanding

Those actions or statements by a teacher
that are designed to bring a lesson
presentation to an appropriate conclusion.
Used to help students bring things
together in their own minds, to make
sense out of what has just been taught.
Any Questions? No. OK, lets move on is
not closure. Closure is used:
To cue students to the fact that
they have arrived at an important
point in the lesson or the end of a
To help organize student learning
To help form a coherent picture and to

How will you know if students met the
learning targets? Write a description of
what you were looking for in each

encourage students to ask questions and further inquire into the text.
-25 minutes; character map. Pick one of the main characters mentioned
in the first two chapters. Either Jem, Scout, Miss Caroline, the Radelys,
Walter Cunningham, or Dill.
- 5 minutes; closure, as described below.

Have the students share their character maps with a group of three.
Have at least three students share their character maps (three different
characters). Ask why it is important to track character development
throughout a novel and what they incorporate to a plot.

- The discussion: This will allow students to inquire deeper into the first
two chapters. It will also allow me to hear the students understanding
of the beginning of the novel. This will also allow students to ask
questions and have their classmates answer those questions.
- Quick write: This will show that the students understand the
perspective of the narrator and the setting of the text.
-Character Map: This will show that the students can find meaningful
quotes that pertain to the characters.

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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

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STEPP Lesson Plan Form

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