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ENGL 3101


FALL 2014

The final assignment for this course involves two closely related tasks: writing a reflective essay
and assembling an online portfolio of selected coursework. To complete these tasks, first
consider the following question: Of the three major essays in this course, which one taught you
the most about effective communication?
Look back through your all of your coursework this semester. Examine finished essays, drafts,
peer comments, instructor feedback, reader responses, quizzes, planning and prewriting, class
notes, and any other documents youve collected over the past several weeks. While looking
through these documents, decide which one of the major essays taught you the most about
effective communication.
Write a 500-800 word essay in which you discuss what you learned about communication from
the essay that you chose above.
Use everything you know about essay organization and paragraph organization. Make sure you
have an effective thesis statement and topic sentences. Make sure you have an introduction,
body, and conclusion. To do well on this essay, you will have to evaluate and analyze your own
progress and draw a decisive conclusion about which essay taught you the most.
To support the claims you make in your topic sentences, include specific observations about your
writing. Look back to your drafts and finished essay, and consider the feedback written on them.
Look for any patterns errors or issues that continued from draft to draft. Also note anything that
changed or improved from draft to draft. It is strongly recommended that you quote and/or
paraphrase specific details from your drafts or the feedback in order to provide supporting
evidence for the essay.
Proofread carefully. Your essay should be completely free of major grammatical errors (such as
fragments and comma splices), and it should be nearly free of minor punctuation errors.
Use correct MLA format (spacing, heading, header, etc.). Use clear signal phrases so that any
reader of this essay would understand to which essay or bit of feedback you are referring. You do
not have to include in-text citations or a works cited page.
Separate out the coursework related to the essay you choose. Organize those documents into an
electronic portfolio. The portfolio should be hosted on one of the free Web platforms such as
Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, Edublogs, Moonfruit, or Wix. Whichever format you choose, make
sure all documents are in a logical order and clearly labeled. Include with these documents a
final edited version of your chosen major essay and at least one visual element.
Due: Wednesday, 10 December by 11:59pm. Late portfolios will not be accepted.