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Carl Nagel's Treasury of Magickal Secrets, Spells & Potions - Carl nagel
Powerful African Love & Money Rituals - Kam Ottoyo
The Black Seals of Solomon the King - Carl Nagel
Saxon Witchcraft - Cedric the Red
The Sure Fire Way to Make Spell Rituals & Mind Power Work - Stella Scott
P.A.D. Power of the Ancient Deities - Marcus Bottomley
Winning at All Cost - A Collection of Strong Black Magick Rituals - Seth
Book of Shadows - Carl Nagel
Secrets of the White Witches - Kate Richardson & William Van
Lord Adonai - Miracle Power - Oliver Bowes
Authentic Spells for Beginners - Margaret Gumble
How to Find Your True Soul Mate - James Cullinan
Magick in Your Heart - Margaret Gumble
Master Words of Mystic Power - Veronica Reade
The Spoken Power - J Finbarr
The Original Prayer of Jesus the Christ - Juan de Santos & Jose Lopez
Miracle Mantras - Jason Pike
Dark Rites & Encounters With the Devil - Marcus Bottomley
The Incantations of Isis - Anonymous

Metaphysical Magnetism - Marcus Bottomley

Pentagramagick - William Alexander Oribello
Latin - The Language of Magick - Carl Nagel
Letters From an Occultist - Marcus Bottomley
Herbal Remedies for health & Well Being - Marcus Bottomley
Express Telepathy - Paul Summers
Candle Burning Rituals - New Age Fellowship
Get Them to Come to You - Elias Raphael
God Manifest Through Me - Oliver Bowes
P & P Magic - Kate Richardson & William Van
Amazing Crystal Power - Author Unknown
The Secret That Can Make All The Difference - James Cullinan
Peace of Mind - How to Find it in a Troubled Wolrd - James Cullinan
Change Yourself & Your Life Without Will Power or Effort - James Cullinan
Faster Steps to Changing Yourself Without Will Power or Effort - James Cullinan
The Help I Received When I most Needed it - Jack Hempstead
Legendary Spells & Rituals of the Golden Dawn - Oliver Bowes
20 Powerful Voodoo Rites for Fast Cash & Riches - Marcus Bottomley
Miracle Methods for Confidence - David Savage
The Powerful & Deadly Spells of the Javanese - Lau Soon Wah
The Miraculous Power of Colour Healing - Sheila Lovejoy

Pranic Energy - Mystic Power of the Ancients - Julia Sanderson

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge - Basil Le Croix
How to Win or Win Back the Person of Your Dreams - George & Beryl Marsh
The Answer - J Finbarr
New Salt Magick Rites - Jason Pike
Finally I Began Winning - Z Rogers
The Riches of Ra - Natur'e Way to Prosperity - Michael Leppier
The Grimoire of Oliver - Oliver Bowes
Keys to Infinite Power - David Savage
Mana Magick - David Savage
Help Yourself to a Great New Life Through God's White Masgick - Marcus Bottomley
Miracle Mind Secrets of the Ancients - Jolene Anderson
The Ten Day Money Miracle Technique - John Pope
Winning With Witchcraft - Jean Williams
The Energised Money, Love and Youth Secrets of the Lost Civilisation of Atlantis - Carl nagel
How to Become 10 Times Better Than You Are Now Before Finishing This Book - Donald Peake
Devestating Love Spells - Paul Summers
Pray & Make Your Dreams Come True - Marcus Bottomley
The Book of Old Ones - Scorpio
Magick at its Very Best - Jason Pike
The Hand of God - Elias Raphael

Creative Visualisation - How to Make it Work For You - Joelene Anderson

I Am in Complete Control - David Savage
The Amazing Egg - Marcus Bottomley
The Prayer System That Never Fails - D J Lightfoot


Gods, Spirits & Daemons: A Beginner's Guide to Evocation by Seleneicthon
The Mystic Grimoire of Mighty Spells and Rituals by Frater Malak
The Miracle of the New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray-Cobb
Daemonic Magick by Seleneicthon ~
Secret Magic Revealed by Anne & Nelson White published by the
Technology Group
High Magick's Aid by Anne & Nelson White also published by the
Technology Group
Practical Magickal Evocation by M. McGrath published by Finnbarr
Black & White Magick: Secrets of the Ancients by Carl Nagel
published by Finnbarr International
Winning At All Costs by Seth & William Van published by Finnbarr International
The Do It Yourself Witchcraft Guide by Luba Sevarg published by Award Books; 1971
Communing With the Spirits by Martin Coleman