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Title: Terms and rehearsal

Topic: Gr. 7 instrumental music

Time: 2:00-3:30
Duration: 90 minutes
Date: Dec. 1, 2014

Learning Objectives:
Students will:
-Identify various musical terms
-Demonstrate their understanding of these music terms through explanation and playing

-conversations with students
-listening to the difference between how the students perform before and after instruction
Can students explain (identify) and then demonstrate their understanding of each concept discussed in

-conductors scores
-Everybody have their instruments?
-In good working order? (if not, see Ms. A)
-Comments, questions announcements (ask Ms. A for additional announcements)
-Another student teacher and I are accompanying you on the band trip this week and were
both really excited about it. How many of you are going? Are you excited?
-Tuning/warm up
Start with low brass, B. clarinet, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, bells (if applicable), clarinets
-Warm up song: #85 on pg. 22
Watching for correct notes and good tone
Lesson Body
Holiday Festival

-Can anybody find a crescendo in Holiday Festival? (bar 16, 49, last 2 bars 58-59)
-You found one, great, who else sees one?
-Who can show me what a crescendo sounds like?
-Who else (pick somebody from wood winds, brass and percussion and then get their sections to
join them, then the whole group)
-Can anybody find a dotted quarter note before 22? (5, 7, 9, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21)
-Write the melody in bar 17 on the board
-Can anybody clap this rhythm for me? (get one person from woodwinds, brass, and percussion)
Clap rhythm as whole group
-Can anybody count this rhythm for me?
(If they dont know what you mean, explain and offer examples of how to count quarter notes,
eighth notes, and a dotted quarter followed by an eight note)
-Get somebody from each section to count the rhythm
-Count rhythm as whole group
-Do that same thing with bar 21
-Play bars 17-21 and listen to see if theyre playing them correctly. If not, have them clap/count the
rhythm again.
-Play bars 13-22 and tell them youre watching for them getting the crescendo and the rhythms
Regal March
-Who can tell me what articulation is?
Do you agree? Is that how you would describe it? (to another student)
-Can anybody find any articulation markings in Regal March? (slurs and accents)
-Ask a member of reeds, brass and percussion how they do accents. (how is this different from a
staccato? mouth or air?)
-Ask a member of the brass and reeds to explain how they do slurs. (how is this different from regular
-Play bar 21-24 ~ tell students youre watching for a difference between their accents and their regular
-Play 21-end ~ tell students youre still listening for accents, but also want to hear the slurs in bar 26 in
clarinet and trumpet parts.
Run through Regal March and Holiday Festival, reminding students what Im looking for (articulation
accents and slurs and crescendos and rhythm)
-Thank students for opportunity and express excitement over band trip
-Give students time to pack up
Sponge -Run through Silent Night, stopping at any points the students struggle with