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A Japanese man named Tadayuki Miyamura was born in 1919; his English name was

Ted. Ted was born in America during the 1920s. America in the 1920s was a period of
prosperity and change. In the early 20s, most Americans, for the first time, lived in cities instead
of farms. Also the nations wealth had doubled during the time frame of 1920-1929. Most people
listened to the same music, knew similar dance styles, and knew the same slang. Though most
people shared similarities during this time, they could not adapt to the new urban lifestyle which
raised conflict among them; however, this did not affect Ted or his family.
Ted Miyamura was born on February 25, 1919 in El Monte, California. He lived on a
farm in the country with his parents and his 10 siblings. With 10 siblings, his parents could not
afford any luxury as all their funds went to supporting their family. Teds childhood mostly
consisted of labor because his family was not economically stable so he and his 10 siblings had
to work on the farm to help his parents earn enough money to support his big family. Unable to
afford food, Ted and his family lived off eating beans and anything they could harvest. Ted did
not have much of a childhood due to his familys economic problems. Later on he and his family
travelled to Japan.
One major event that occurred in the America was the stock market crash in 1929. One
main reason as to why the stock market crashed in the first place was because too much money
went into the stock market. At the time, the stock market promised investors easy profit, so most
investors poured as much money as they could into the stock market hoping to gain profit. This
created a negative effect because the stocks price soon had very little relation to the companys
actual worth. Due to the stock market crash, America plunged into the great depression. Luckily
for Ted, his father took his family to Japan to avoid the unstable economy at the time.

At the age of nine, Ted had gone to Japan to escape the economic crisis in America.
While Ted was in Japan, he was able to go to school for the first time. Ted made it to 9th grade in
agricultural school and then dropped out of high school in order to continue working on a farm
with his family. At the time, it was not uncommon for people to drop out of high school. At the
age of 16, Ted moved back to America and became a trucker. He enjoyed trucking because, it
was different from doing farm labor; it was much easier than farm labor too. The trucking was
for his brother, which gave him a reason to be trucking rather than doing other labor. For the
time being, Ted enjoyed life despite having to live through the great depression. His life soon
took a turn for the worse when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.
On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy conducted a surprise military strike
on Americas naval base located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. During this time, Japan was in a war
against China, but America did not approve of the war between Japan and China so America
refused to supply Japan with the necessary resources needed to continue their war against China.
Japan looked for other means to supply themselves with the necessary resources and noticed that
the Dutch East Indies contained the resources needed. Unfortunately, Japan could not attack the
Dutch East Indies because that would bring America into the war so they thought of disabling
Americas naval force for a few months first before they attack the Dutch. The whole purpose
behind the Bombing of Pearl Harbor was to cripple the American fleet in order to buy
themselves enough time to take control of the resources of the Dutch East Indies. The bombing
of Pearl Harbor drew America into World War 2.
Due to the fear that a Japanese citizen could be a spy during the World War 2 era in
America, the Government passed a law that requires anyone who is Japanese to relocate into a
Japanese Internment camp. Ted and his family were forced to relocate into a Japanese

Internment camp and were forced to live there for 3 years. He worked as a barber while he was
in the camp. It was in the camp that he had a fateful encounter with a Japanese woman named
Toshiko, who later on became his wife.
After World War 2 ended, Ted and all the other Japanese people were released from the
internment camps. Ted and his family moved to Los Angeles after they were released, but later
on, Ted settled in Anaheim with his wife Toshiko. Ted became a gardener and his wife Toshiko
became a barber in Anaheim. Their life was peaceful after the war had ended. Ted was able to
pay off his house over the years and became financially stable. They had three kids, two are still
alive today, but one has passed away. In his later years, Ted was diagnosed with diabetes and
started showing signs of dementia. He later on died in January 11, 2013. He is buried in the Rose
Hills Cemetery in Whittier, California.