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Robyn Volek

Lesson Plan

Thursday November 13, 2014

Grade/Subject: Grade 1/2 Gym Unit: Topic D: Basketball Lesson Duration: 37 minutes
General Learning Outcomes:

Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities;
dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative
environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits
Students will interact positively with others
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Students will demonstrate ways to receive, retain and send an object, using a variety of body parts and implements,
individually and with others

Students will:
1. 1. Learn the proper technique for passing a basketball
2. Demonstrate their ability to chest pass
3. Play cooperatively with fellow students

I will walk around and observe how students
are at chest passing
Written/Performance Assessments:

Key Questions:
What is the proper form for a chest pass? What are the
rules to the game we played yesterday?


Resource #1: Resource #1:
Resource #2:



Introduction (10 min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber:
Before students go down to the gym, have them line up at the door
Explain that you want them to line up on the black line beside the stage when they get to the gym
Once down at the gym, explain that we will be doing warm up activities going back and forth
Make sure students spread out
Have students go to the other end of the gym and back doing: jogging, skipping
Have students go to the middle of the gym and back hopping and crabwalking
Assessment of Prior Knowledge:
Expectations for Learning and Behaviour:
I expect all students to listen and behave according to my instructions
I expect all students to participate in the activities and try to do their best
Advance Organizer/Agenda:
Passing practice
Cat-Mouse-Saver game (chest passing practice)
Transition to Body:
Once done crabwalk, have them be quiet and sit down on the line facing you

Body (18-22 min.):

Robyn Volek

Thursday November 13, 2014

Learning Activity #1 (8-10 minutes):

Once students have finished their warm-up, have them sit down on the line facing you
Ask students if they remember what we did yesterday in gym
Have students stand up and demonstrate the proper technique to chest passing a ball
Tell students we will be practicing chest passing again today
Explain that I will be breaking them into groups
In these groups, they will create a circle and practice their chest passing in the circle
Emphasize the importance of calling someones name before you pass to them and make sure youve made
eye contact
Have them repeat what you just said (make sure they were listening)
Split the class into groups of 5, 6 or 7 depending on how many students are present
Have each group create a circle (one group at each end of the gym and one in the middle)
Before handing out the ball, explain that they cannot pass the ball to the person beside them, they must pass
across the circle
Have students come and grab a dodgeball from the bag (one ball for each group)
Allow them to pass in their circle for 2 minutes
Have students take a step back and try again for 2 minutes
Walk around and check form

I will observe how they do with chest passing and offer guidance and praise if needed

I will make sure they are working cooperatively together

If students struggle with chest passing, I will have them move in closer towards their partner(s) so its easier to pass the

Learning Activity #2 (10-12 minutes):

Have students hold the balls and come sit in a semi circle around you
Tell students we will be playing the same game from yesterday
Remind them that there are cats, mice, and savers
Set a boundary and place the dots on the outside of it
Emphasize that if you get tagged, you must stand on a dot and wait until a saver chest passes you the ball
Have them repeat back the rules of the game to you
Let them play for 2 minutes
Switch up the saver and the cats and play again for 2 more minutes
Have the savers keep track of how many people (chest passes) they saved

If students are struggling with chest passing, I will move the dots in closer

If students are very good at chest passing, I will move the dots further out from the boundary line

I will observe and check to make sure all students are participating, playing nice, and using the proper passing technique

Closure ( __min.):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning:
With any remaining time, have students play banana tag in the set boundaries
Have students line up at the doors a couple minutes before the bell and let them stop at the fountain before
returning to the classroom
Transition To Next Lesson:

Very good lesson on passing. It was good to use dodge balls instead of basketballs because
students have a hard time aiming. I would modify having them aim at targets on the wall before
passing with a partner. Students at this age struggle with controlling the ball and I think a lesson on
controlling aim would be great!

Robyn Volek

Thursday November 13, 2014

The game worked out very well once I explained the directions. Students loved the game and
were enthused to keep playing. The pace of the gym class was good. All students were able to keep up
or catch up quickly.