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Sunnyside Country

October Newsletter

Message from the Manager:

Dear Members,
Fall is upon us as we close on another fiscal year at Sunnyside Country Club. With this seasonal
change, I would like to share with you the incredible story of success that we have achieved at
Sunnyside Country Club.
10 years ago, Sunnyside was facing the same downtrend in the market that was effecting our nation
and many community businesses. This downtrend came during a time when the club experienced a
major fire and had attained a loan to remodel the club. This reinvestment was made for the purpose of
bringing the club through the downtrend with the hope that a newer, more state of the art facility would
attract more members. Little did we know that the reinvestment would financially handcuff the club's
future and nearly caused the collapse of this 95 year institution known as Sunnyside Country Club. If it
were not for dedicated Members personally funding the club through these harsh financial times,
Sunnyside may not have been here now for us to grow our families and build on our traditions.
I am proud to announce that together we have been able to celebrate a new beginning with the club,
as over the last 2 years we have been able to reduce the clubs debt nearly $600,000, developed
positive net earnings and have secured a financial partner with NXT Bank who has refinanced the
club. This was no small measure as it took a committed effort from the entire membership to back a
business plan that would bring us through the needed restructuring for us to have a chance to be a
viable entity in our community. We truly appreciated those members who put their club before
themselves and supported our Membership efforts.
To continue this path of success, the club now has a proven business plan and a secure financial
footing going into the future. The Member investment group, who held the note on the club, have
pledged $20,000 towards the building of a child's play area by the pool. This donation provides a new
amenity for our many young families who are the future of our club. Finally, over the next couple of
weeks you will be receiving some information on how you can continue your support by recommending
friends and business associates as new members. Remember every club has natural attrition and it is
from our current members inviting others to share in the fun, that we will continue our success.
Upon reaching these successes, I would like to announce my departure from Sunnyside Country Club
as your General Manager. It has been quite a journey for me and my family. We have experienced
many firsts in our time here. Our first real winter, our first fall colors, our first fruitful garden and
understanding exactly why they call sweetcorn "Sweet." I've owned my first John Deere
Tractor. Actual 2 John Deere (his and hers). The wife still thinks hers should be pink. Most
importantly, we have had the opportunity to experience the wonderful Midwestern hospitality from our

neighbors and the small town environment of a tight knit community. Thank you for helping us make
so many special memories.
The Clubs Assistant General Manager Mr. Rick Gorbell, will take over the helm of the Club October
1st. Rick is a scratch golfer and very qualified business man who understands Private Clubs. I ask
that you provide him with the same confidence and support as you did me.
Personally, we will be remaining in Waterloo as a fellow Iowan and Club Member of Sunnyside for the
near future. I will be actively looking for new opportunities in Club Ownership and continue consulting
with Clubs. Thank you again.

A Letter From Your New GM:

First I would like to thank both the Board of Governors and the many Sunnyside members for inviting
me back to Sunnyside. As some of you know, I was an interim GM back in 2012. The club has made
good progress since that time and my goal will be to continue that forward trend.
Although I have lived in Texas most of my adult life, I was born and raised in St. Louis and will always
be an avid Cardinal baseball fan. I started playing golf when I was eight years old, and have played
competitively as an amateur for many years. Along with my golf course management experience, part
of my business background includes running a company that developed a putting teaching aid used by
many of the top teachers of the short game today. I am always willing to talk mechanics with any
golfer of any level who loves the game.
Perhaps the most important task going forward for myself in my new position as General Manager, and
for the club membership as a whole, is to grow the membership. This is a two part process of finding
new members and retaining existing members. I will need your help in this process. Please let me
know of any contacts you may know who would be interested in joining our community at Sunnyside. I
will do my best to make the Sunnyside experience rewarding for all.
Rick Gorbell

Club Events
Pasta Night

Thursday, October 9th and 23rd

Come join us for this Chef attended action station where your pasta entree is created to your desire
through a selection of your favorite ingredients. Choose from shrimp and scallops, or traditional
ingredients of sausage, meatballs, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheeses. All combine, cooked, and
platted right in front of you. It just does not get any better.

Friday, October 10th

Come join us for this German themed special night. Choose from German food of
sauerbraten, jagerschnitzel, bratwurst, and baked salmon all served with a warm
spinach salad, German potato salad, and apple strudel for dessert. Also provided
will be German Beer Specials and German Wine Specials. Come for socializing and
a good time!

Message from your Golf Professional:

September was another great month for golf. With the Labor Day Tournamnet, Tournamnet of
Champion and to finish the month of September with the Sunnyside Cup. We had great weather for all
three events. Hopefully we have another great two months to finsh up the season. Also as a reminder
guest fees will be reduced from $45 per player to $35 per player until the end of the season.
Even with the changing season remember that all members and guests still must wear proper golf
attire that are playing golf or using the range/putting green. Proper golf attire should be neat, in good
taste, tailored and consistent with the standards of the club and traditions of the game of golf as found
in retail outlets or private clubs.NO denim, jeans or sweat pants of any kind.
-shirts must have collars, sleeves; mock turtlenecks are permitted
-only dress or golf slacks or shorts are acceptable

NOT PERMITTED: t-shirts, crew neck or V neck shirts, athletic style nylon or running pants or shorts,
tennis shorts
-golf tops must have a collar, may be sleeveless, short or long sleeve
-golf dresses, shorts, skirts, slacks or capris may be worn
NOT PERMITTED: halter tops, racer back tops, bathing suits, microskirts or microshorts (short shorts)
athletic shorts or gym apparel
Members are responsible for informing their guests of SSCC re: dress code. The Pro Shop is
available with an inventory of varied clothing needs so that if a guest arrives with inappropriate attire,
they may quickly and easily resolve the issue prior to playing and make sure that everyone checks in
Travis Aanes, PGA
Labor Day Tournament

Format: Team Shamble (2 of 4 Net Best Ball)

1st Place: 115 (-29)
Gary Carter, Mark Funk, Don Neelans, Jane Christensen

2nd Place: 120 (-24) ***

Travis Knudsvig, Doug Witham, Don Denkinger, Dianne Happel

3rd Place: 120 (-24) ***

Duwayne Wessels, Wally Sulentic, Laura Christensen, Lynnette Hintz

4th Place: 120 (-24) ***

Gary Ritter, Lance Vanderloo, Bill Failor, Karma Fischer

5th Place: 122 (-22)

Gary Knudson, Van Miller, Nancy Witham, Judy Alldredge

***All ties were broken by playoff***

Pin Events

Hole 5: Longest Putt (Women)

Hole 8: Closest to the Pin (Men)
Hole 12: Closest to the Water (Both)
Hole 13: Closest to the Pin (Women)
Hole 16: Longest Putt (Men)

Karyn Richardson
Bill Failor
Laura Christensen
Cindy Reinertsen
Gary Ritter

Tournament of Champions
Men's Division
1st Place: Gary Carter & Mark Roelens
2nd Place: Gary Knudson & Jim Schuman
3rd Place: Gary Ritter* & Roger Neumann
4th Place: Gary Ritter & Bob Dekoster
5th Place: Tyler Junker & Randy Richter
**Won Scorecard Playoff *Blind Draw Partner

65 (-7)
67 (-5)
68 (-4)
69 (-3)
69 (-3)

Ladies Division
1st Place: Marianne Christensen & Lynette Hintz

2nd Place: Jenny Graeser & Esther Shatzer**

3rd Place: Cindy Reinertsen & Jane Christensen

67 (-5)

69 (-3)
69 (-3)

**Won Scorecard Playoff

Flag Event Results
Hole 4: Closest to the Pin (Men Only):
Hole 6: Longest Drive in Fairway (Men Only):
Hole 7: Longest Putt Made (Women Only):
Hole 13: Closest to the Pin (Women Only):

Tyler Junker
Gary Knudson
Jane Christensen
Jenny Graeser

Hole 14:

Longest Putt Made (Men Only):

Mark Roelens

Men's 2014 Tournament Champion is Jim Schuman

Ladies 2014 Tournament Champion is Esther Shatzer


Saturday, September 27th & Sunday, September 28th
Saturday morning we started the Sunnyside Cup which is our form of the Ryder Cup with two teams
made up of both Men and Women play against each other. In round 1 we played 1 of 2 Net Best Ball
the Stars the stars took an early lead with 10 points to the Stripes 7 points. After the morning matches
the two teams head out again this time to play Alternate Shot and again the Stars added to their
leading, winning 9 points to the Stripes 7 points. After Saturdays 2 rounds the Stars were in the
lead 19 points the 14 . Sunday morning brought the singles matches putting players from each
team against each other with 34 matches and 34 points up for grabs. The Stripes buckled down and
made a great come back winning 21 points out of 34 points to overtake the Stars and win the 2014
Sunnyside Cup with a final score of 35 to 32 .
2014 Winners:
2014 Stripes Roster:
Julio De Silva (Captain)

Jon Anderson (Asst. Captain)

Randy Richter
Jim Alldredge
Terry Hummel
Dave Happel
Tyler Junker
Jim Schuman
Paul Richardson
Roger Neumann
Mike Schuchmann
Mary Donlea
Trudy Neumann
Linda Laylin
Andi Schoonover
Renea Friedman

Josh Petersen

Troy Westendorf
Travis Knudsvig
Gary Knudson
Jim Christensen
Don Neelans
Scott Voigt
Gary Carter
Bill Failor
Mike Shatzer
Gary Ritter
Dianne Happel
Esther Shatzer
Karma Fischer
Judy Alldredge
Karyn Richardson

Marianne Christensen

Holley Ritter

Message From Your Golf Course Superintendent:

What a great end to the month of September! The weather has been absolutely
gorgeous! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend for the Sunnyside Cup. Congratulations to
the Stripes for hoisting the Cup this year. Although we are finished with our tournament schedule for
the season, there is still going to be a lot of beautiful days left to play before the snow flies.
We made it through the summer in great condition and our aerification has been completed. We are
still busy mowing as the grass is going through its fall flush of growth. Conditions are perfect for new
root growth and the plant will be busy storing carbohydrates in these roots to help make it through the
winter. With the day light getting shorter a little extra length on the leaf blade helps with

photosynthesis which is the start of the carb production. Now is the time for the plant to fill its reserves
as it will start to shut down growth over the next month.
We have a little window now to finish a few projects before we start chasing leaves all over the
course. I see a few starting to drop and the colors are starting to change. It won't be long before the
beautiful fall transformation we witness every year.
Our first few mornings of frost have come already this year. This will become more regular as we get
further into the fall. As normal, expect delays on frosty mornings. Cart traffic, mowing and even
walking on turf that has frost will break cells in the plant that are frozen causing damage. Please
check in with the Pro Shop for frost delay updates. If you live around the Sunnyside property, please
abstain from driving or walking on the course until we have given the all clear.
Don't miss out on this wonderful time of year to get those last few rounds in!
Jason Tresemer

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