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Getting my first dog...

Interview with my mom

My dad never allowed us to have dogs

but finally one year when my mom's friend
oered to give us a dog she my dad was
out numbered and couldn't say no. We
rescued both of my dogs, one was
rescued from the pound and the other we
rescued her o from the street. I have one
boy dog named Rowdy and one girl dog
named Foxy. They've taught me a lot
about being responsible.

about my birth...
She says that she remembers going
into labor and she was so relieved she
just wanted it to be over with. She told
me I was right about how much I
weighed and what time I was born. I
was wrong about my dad though he
was there, he was actually at the food
court when my sister Megan was being
born. She also said she was so glad to
get a baby girl. My mom also told me
she wanted to name me Madison but
my dad insisted on Morgan. She said
she was so glad when it was over.

Welcome to
Morgan's Life!

I am from Phoenix, Arizona, born

in the John C. Lincoln hospital. I
was born on May 5th, 2000. I am
5'6 and have two younger sisters
and one older brother.

The story of my birth...

I came out at around 5:00 pm, and I
weighed in at 6.5 pounds. I remember
my mom saying that my dad was getting
food at the food court when I was being
born. I remember my mom saying I was
an easy birth and nothing went wrong.

My nana was so happy when I was born.

My parents had gotten their first girl and
they were so excited! My mom told me I
was the cutest little baby.

The birth of my sisters...

My mom said when my sister Megan was
born her ears were stuck to the side of
her head so it looked like she had no
ears. It was really funny when she was
telling me that. She weighed nine
pounds! Her birth went smoothly along
with my little sister Cameran. Cameran
was the smallest baby out of all of my
siblings and I. Megan was born on June
20, 2002 and Cameran was born on
November 17, 2004. Their births are
definitely one of the best things that has
happened to me. I don't know what I
would do without them. They make me
laugh and make me a better person
because I know they look up to me as a
role model.

Meeting all of my best

I have 6 really close friends that I love
more than anything. They're names
are Matty, Toree, Kendra, Bryn, and
Kaelyn. I've been friends with them for
a couple years a now and I never want
to lose them. I met Toree in second
grade and our friendship grew from
there. I met my friend Matty in the
third grade but we had started being
friends again by the end of seventh
grade. My friend Bryn and I had met
through my friend Matty at the same
time Matty and I were becoming
friends again. I met my friend Kendra
in the sixth grade through my friend
Toree and now were closer than ever.
Finally, I met my friend Kaelyn in the
fourth grade but she left West Wing
but then came back in eighth grade
and we were reunited again. They help
me become the person I am today.

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