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English 112
11 December 2014

Annotated Bibliography Welcome to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. N.p, n.d.
Web. 07 Oct 2014.
The online source gives an accurate definition of HIV. The illness is an
immunodeficiency disorder that weakens your immune system. The illness also explains ways to
get infected and ways to prevent the disorder. The statistics of the illness are addressed which
gives a great perspective on the line of inquiry.
The online source explains there is no cure for the virus, there are highly effective
treatments to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle. The source states one of the first highly
effective medications created for victims to use. The main goal of this source is to explain the
important facts about aids.
This is a credible source that list factual information from the government. The source
shapes my argument by educating individuals on the topic. I will be able to use this source in
research, by using the statistics and evidence. The information from the source has supported
what I think about my topic.

AIDS Treatment. AIDS Treatment. The Regents of the University of California, n.d.
Web. 09 Oct. 2014.
The online source addresses the treatment of HIV. Many of the treatments include
contraceptives, testing, and prevention. The source also addresses misuse of contraception, seek
immediate treatment. Arguments listed are sexual risk factors. The source is a credible
organization. It shapes the argument by stating ways to use prevention and protection for the
virus, which will improve the survival rate.
This source was useful and informative. I gave me a better understanding of how
dangerous the illness can be. It has definitely made me more aware of the virus. The information
provided can be used for my research project.

Amfar. Home. The Foundation for AIDS Research. HIV/AIDS Research.. N.p., n.d.
Web. 09 Oct 2014
Amfar lists the statistics of diagnosis and survival rate of HIV victims. The time frame
ranges from the early 1980s to the late 1980s. There is also statistics which shows the diagnosis
and survival rate of victims presently. There has been a large improvement from then to now
This is a government organization, which is a credible source. This argues with the
proposal, by challenging the different statistics provided from this and other sources. Although in
the end the main goal was to compare the survival rates of the virus of the past and present, and
see which time frame logically met the standard line of inquiry.

Brenes, Amanda. "Carolinas CARE Partnership - Formerly the Regional HIV

AIDS Consortium." Carolinas CARE Partnership - Formerly the Regional HIV AIDS
Consortium. Carolinas CARE Partnership, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.
The online organization is a credible source. It is an organization that help aids victims.
The organization provides housing, counseling, testing services for individuals in need. It also
donates funds to other organizations for victims. It is a local organization in Charlotte, NC.

Chan, Amanda L. Magic Johnson On What Has Changed In HIV/AIDS Over The Last
20 Years. The Huffington Post., 01 Dec. 2013. Web. 09 Oct. 2014
In this article, Magic Johnson states a quote about living his life with the HIV virus. This
quote addresses the proposal. He explains when he was diagnosed with the illness there was only
one source of medication. Now there are over thirty drugs to help victims. Magic expresses the
new knowledge of healthcare providers will give victims hope of survival.
The goal of this source was to give individuals a personal insight of a person dealing with
the virus. This source is optimistically biased. Since it is a quote it comes from a personal
perspective rather than factual evidence. This source helped me elaborate on my proposal, which
has not changed. This can be used for research to show the sympathetic aspect of this condition.
This can also be used for research to compare past and present survival rates.

Hadhazy, Adam. How Has Magic Johnson Survived 20 Years with HIV?
LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 07 Nov. 2011. Web. 09 Oct. 2014.
In this article, Magic Johnson is used as an example of someone who is living with HIV.
Magic Johnson is a former basketball player who announced to the public almost twenty years
ago he was diagnosed with HIV. Currently, he is a businessman, sports analyst, and HIV activist
still living with the virus. Magic is a prior example of the proposal. Individuals can live a long
life from the use of medications.
Mayo Clinic Staff. HIV/AIDS. Symptoms. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education
and Research, 20 May 2014. Web. 09 Oct. 2014.
Mayo Clinic explains the symptoms of the HIV virus and other sexual risk factors. Some
symptoms of the illness include fever, fatigue, and cough. Some sexual risk factors are not using
protection, getting tested, or being uneducated about the illness. This may hurt the survival rate.
All of the information state3d is objective. Mayo Clinic is a medical organization, which
is reliable. The goal of the source was to give individuals an understanding of what to look for, if
at risk. This source will help people become more aware of the symptoms and sexual risk factors.
The information can be used for research to give a realistic view of the topic, so individuals can
know what the symptoms are.

Moughty, Sarah. 20 Years after HIV Announcement, Magic Johnson

Emphasizes: I Am Not Cured PBS. PBS. 07 Nov. 2011. Web. 09 Oct. 2014.

This online source was used for visual purposes. This source contained a variety of video
footage of Magic Johnson speaking on his illness. Magic explains how there is no cure for the
virus, and how he is fighting it every day through medication. He pointed out young people and
wants to make our society more aware of the illness for prevention. Although Magic believes our
society has gotten better with the statistics and survival rates of the virus, individuals must
always get tested, protect themselves, or seek treatment.
The online source is useful, instead of stating factual information, this is idealistic for
individuals to relate to. The source is biased and opinionated. The main goal of this source is to
let individuals know how serious HIV is. Magic wants to let people know although he lives
twenty plus years with the virus, he is still infected with it. This adds to my arguments, which
using medication can improve HIV victims survival rates.