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To: DACC Community Education

From: Jonathan Briones
Date: October 13, 2014
Subject: Intercultural Communication Workshop

Intercultural Communication Education in the U.S is needed in a society that is

becoming every year more diverse. There is a disregard for other cultures that only helps to
divide communities throughout the U.S and ignorance of the subject can lead to conflict among
different cultural groups. This is why Intercultural Communication Education would benefit us
as a society providing people from the community with important knowledge about how to
approach different cultural groups without running the risk of disrespecting anybody. The
workshop would include important information on subjects such as the meaning of culture,
border dwelling, cultural values and the influence of culture in everyday living.
During the last years diversity of cultural groups has grown in the United States. More
people from Europe, Asia, South America and Mexico have switched from living in their native
land to coming to the United States to work or live. Many come here temporarily while others
choose a more permanent option. This can create a great deal of interaction between people of
different cultural groups that hold different values, perspectives and ideals. Because of these
encounters a person can find it challenging to adapt to dealing with people culturally different
from them and this can lead a person to not know how to behave correctly in types of
situations that require mutual understanding to achieve a common goal.
An Intercultural Communication Workshop can inform people about how to keep in
mind several aspects important to Intercultural Communication. One of these is based on the
importance of cultural values in Intercultural Communication. Cultural values distinguish a
cultural group from another but in some cases more than two cultural groups might share two
or more values. Many values are identified but some of the most important and reoccurring
should be discussed. Knowing what these values are and which groups hold what values can
help a person identify cultural groups according to these values and shift their behavior
Among the subject of cultural values there are other important factors which are just as
important. Border Dwelling refers to people who live on the boundaries of two or more
different cultures. Some are required to adapt to both but usually cannot please one without
looking bad with another. Here one can see the different types of border dweller such as
voluntary short-term travelers, voluntary long-term travelers, involuntary short-term travelers,
and involuntary short-term travelers. Also, people will learn about dialectic approach; this being
a concept that that helps people respond to the complexities of intercultural communication
and override any tendencies to stereotype people based on cultural patterns. This is a highly

important concept for us to understand since we tend to generalize people based on our own
perspectives and make the mistake of creating stereotypes. This can lead to separating
ourselves more from other groups because we do not take the time to understand their
This is only a basic review of what this workshop will explore. It is essential that we, as a
diverse community learn about methods of communicating with one another even though we
do not share the same language, values or beliefs. Educating ourselves will help the community
take a big step toward achieving a unified society and working well together in the workplace or
outside of it.