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Learning Contract

General Information
Name: Sean Spellman
Internship Hours: 32 hours/week
Internship Placement: Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital Outpatient Therapy
Internship Supervisor: Heather Brennan
Internship Job Title: Intern
After reviewing the Kinesiology curriculum sheets and seeing that I need to complete a full-time internship in order to
achieve my degree I started my search for possible sites. My ultimate goal for my internship was to help me decide
between two very different career options for my future. I am interested in either pursuing a career in occupational
therapy or a career in college student personal. Therefore, I applied to internships that would allow me to be exposed
to a wide base of occupational therapy appointments. Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital Outpatient
Therapy allowed me to be exposed to both adult and pediatrics occupational therapy. I chose this internship because
by the end of it I will know whether this is a career path I should pursue or not.
Profesional Objectives
Objective 1: Observe a variety of appointments that exposes me to several different situations an occupational
therapist might see.

Take notes on appointments and any questions I may have to educate myself later on.

Schedule that evenly splits up my time between adult and pediatric appointments.

Shadow different therapists from both adults and pediatrics.

Discuss with my supervisor and other coworkers the daily schedule so I can see as many appointments as

Objective 2: Discuss appointments I just observed with therapists after the patient leaves in an effort to maximize me
learning from each session.

Have a discussion time set up with therapists in the window after the appointment ends and before the next

Discuss with my supervisor different scenarios on how this could be made a possibility.

Have a notebook that can be used to write down important points of each discussion I have with individual

Have a list prepared of specific questions I had on appointments so my discussion time with the therapists
can be as productive as possible.

Objective 3: Develop relationships with the patients that come on a regular basis to expand the level of trust they
have in me as an intern.

Have one or two patients that I am able to see on a regular basis as they come into the office.

Discuss the schedule on a daily basis with co-workers and my supervisor so I am aware when certain
patients come in for appointments.


Assigned new activities to participate with patients as their trust in me grows.

Objective 4: Work with my fellow interns, volunteers, and employees to create an environment that will be most
beneficial for patients.

Ask the therapists if all of their needs from the interns are being met.

Speak with the patients and make sure they are having the best possible experience within the facility.

Record useful key words and strategies seen within therapist/patient interactions.

Identify patterns in the most effective communication seen and record those patterns for later use.

Use the schedule to make sure all areas of the facility have proper amount of interns/volunteers evenly

Speak with my supervisor on a regular basis to make sure all necessary parts of the internship are being
successfully completed.

Objective 5: Learn how to most effectively communicate with patients at my internship and learn how to apply these
tools to future patients.
Observe current therapists' interactions with patients and identify most useful communication techniques.

Observe translators and how therapists adjust to when a translator is needed.


Internship Details
Duties Included:

Stay up to date on laundry, emptying it when it is full.

Clean off all tables and mats before and after use of patients making sure they are always clean.

Clean off all equipment that has just been used my patients or that has a red sticker signaling that they need
to be cleaned.

Clean off all toys used in the pediatrics section of the facility.

Keep both floors of the facility neat, putting anything in its proper location.

Make sure therapists working with patients are always asking for proper proof of identity as well as using
hand sanitizer before and after each appointment.

Assist therapists and my supervisor with various tasks or projects that present themselves along the way.

Evaluation Methods:

Open communication with my supervisor to ensure I am doing everything that is expected of me.

Completion of all parts of paperwork and seminar work that the University of Rhode Island requires.

Expected Work Schedule:

32 hours/week, Monday-Thursday

Start date: September 3rd. End date: Mid-December