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TEST INSTRUMENTS | $zyauos senate and entae-] 44. Digit Multimeters indication and unstable signature- | Feature Built-in Counter, hold capability. It can accommodate | HV Measurement without the extra hassle of taking a TTL, MOS and CMOS logic. rack of test gear into the field. The LA-1000 also offers a buit-in | Two battery-powered DMMs intro- That's why B&K-Precision/Dy- uP-controlled autoranging DVOM, | duced by Valhalla Scientific offer nascan’s 4P-controlled LA-1000 which operates independently of the | some interesting “extras”: the Model system analyzer should bea welcome instrument's other functions. | 4440 marries a multimeter and an addition to the tool kits of uP/uC AC/DC voltage and resistance | optional built-in 20 MHz, count Service personnel. Weighing in at measurements appear on a 3}s-igit | while the 4450 measures directly to tinder 14 Ibs.. this multifunction LED display, After the user selects | 15 KV. The meter/counter combo instrument does the work of a the desired function and connects he | provides five AC/ DC voltage ranges, signature analyzer, a logic analyzer, LA-1000 to the circuit under test, the | five AC/DC current ranges, and six fan autoranging frequency counter, DVOM's processor automatically | high/low resistance ranges. Similar futoranging AC and DCDVMs.and moves to the proper range, thus| in functional capability, the high- fan autoranging digital ohmmeter— ensuring maximum resolution. DC| voltage model omits the current all for just $1,745, accuracy is 0.1 percent, best AC | scales but furnishes six ranges apiece ‘Operating ‘as a DC-20 MHz, accuracy is 0.5 percent, and | ofhigh/low ohms, AC and DC volts single-channel logic analyzer, the resistances can be measured to +0,3| Along with 1,000 mA input LA-1000 can present both time and percent. All the DVOM functions | impedance and wideband, low noise, state domain data, State data appear have overload protection. average responding AC converters jn hexadecimal code on a 4 Because of the need to perform | the DMMSs provide 4/s-digit LED LED display, while timing diagrams clock and RF frequency measure- | displays with resolution of (0.005 ‘of one channel by 16 bits can be ments on uP-based systems, the LA- | peteent, Basic DC accuracy for both displayed externally by hooking the 1000 supplies an autoranging | Units is 40.5 percent. Valhalla instrument up to a standard frequency counter. Frequencies to | Scientific, Inc, 7576 Trade St., San oscilloscope, which also displays 25 MHz are displayed on a G-igit | Diego, CA 92121. (714)578-8280. clock pulses and a cursor. The 256- LED readout, and may be Girele 272 bit-dcep memory stores up to 16 autoranged or measured with fixed ‘words of 16 bits apiece. Along with resolution in the 1 sec mode. For Phasemeter Handles Square or Sine Waves to 1 MHz Covering a frequency range between 10 Hand | MHz with 0.5° accuracy and 0.1° resolution, Krohn-Hite’s Model 620A. digital phasemeter accepts sine or square wave inputs The meter’ 0.1 V-120 V RMS input probe settings, three pushbuttons convenience, the frequency counter | voltage range enables making mea- provide full control of the input comes through the | surements with greater than 60 dB instrument’ logic analysis function. accompanying SP-1 probe's data | dynamic range between the two input The advantages of signature input channel levels. Measured phase angle results analysis (SA), the component-level According to the manufacturer, | appear on a 3i4digit planar gas uP troubleshooting technique the LA-1000 provides so many | discharge display, over a continuous developed by Hewlett-Packard, have features that when combined with a | range of -180.0° to +180.0°. To make been thoroughly documented, as portable scope, it rivals the | # phase measurement, the operator have its disadvantages (namely, that capabilities of the average | simply connects the references and products must be designed or engineering bench. And its | unknown signals to their respective retrofitted with SA circuitry to multifunction versatility should | inputs and observes the readout, Permit application of the technique). make it useful for many in-plant | The Model 6200A also provides The fact that the LA-1000 applications, too an analog output equal to 10 mV per incorporates a signature analysis... ‘degree phase for use with anexternal function, however, makes life that $s, freon Ov. Analogs Cov. | meter orstripechart recorder. ABCD much ¢asier for field service (17! 246-1600 Grete 372 | output is available as an option Personnel who encounter uP-bas€d 4¢ rrecsion/Dynascan 6400 Contra | K*Ohn-Hlite Corp., Avon Industrial Products with SA provisions. This S8"brecwon/Qurascen.c00 comand | Park, Bodwell St, Avon, MA 02322. Portion of the instrument has in lina col (9121889 9087 Cele 373 | (617)580-1660. Girsle 200 FALL 1981/TEST & MEASUREMENT WORLO 79