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Joshua S.

My teaching method will require a variety of different techniques such as traditional
lecture, field trips, and intense and close study. Theoretically, I will lean heavily on
constructivism as it allows for an active engagement between both scholar and teacher.
One tool that I will definitely incorporate is technology, as it is the easiest way to stay
engaged and connected to the world and various events that will affect them now and in
the future. I will also encourage inquisitive debate as we will challenge convention from
top to bottom. I want my students to poke and prod not only for answers, but also for why
things are and how we have fallen into a dogmatic pattern of doing certain things.
In regards to classroom management, we will have very simple but important rules. I will
ask that each student treat one another with respect and professionalism. By
professionalism, I mean asking that they turn in neat, legible work; no disruptions in
class, and to exhibit a mature attitude towards the education. I know asking a group of
young students for professionalism might be nave or too ambitious, but I believe that if
you set a high standard that they can reach it. It would be my challenge to exhibit it in my
behavior and setting the tone for the class.
My classroom rules are as follows:
1. Be respectful to your peers, teacher and most of all yourself.
2. All work presented and turned in must be legibly written and neat. Presentation is
a key element and how you present that work shows a lot.
3. Be on time and seated ready to learn once the bell rings.
4. Take your education seriously but we can also have fun. Take some time each day
to laugh and enjoy life.
The rules would be communicated to the administration and Principal by being posted in
the classroom on the wall as well as throughout on various desks and furniture. This
would be a way to constantly hold ourselves accountable as well as to let it be present for
everyone that comes into our learning environment. These rules would be communicated
to our parents by having the students sign and bring back a learning contract that would
be attached to the syllabus early on in the semester. A copy would be on file to show the
commitment we both made.
Each class would begin with a current event warm up. I would have students read an
article (or we would discuss a segment from local news, CNN, etc.) and write a brief
response to that event. This differs from typical current event assignments which call for
a summary of the event. Theres nothing wrong with that style, however I would want a
more analytical perspective and see how they think this event might play into their lives
or in other sectors of society. We would then briefly discuss some of the student
responses and begin with our lesson. If it is a new lesson, I would detail what we are
covering and its importance. If its continuation of a previous lesson, we would resume
where we were at last.

For me, assessment means a test of the skills and knowledge they gained in regards to a
specific assignment or lesson and how they are able to internalize and process out what
they have learned. We will test in line with state and school mandates as well as quizzes
periodically throughout the lesson being taught to gauge where students are in
interpreting their lesson. I would have each student and parent create an email account
that we would use to communicate with one another and keep both student and parent in
the loop. For example a parent would have a and the
student would read Grades, upcoming tests, study
guides, would be sent out to the family as a way to keep everyone on the same accord.
My philosophy in terms of discipline would be to first ignore bouts of immaturity and
acting out. I would address such things in a way to let them know that not only will it not
be tolerated, but is a hindrance to the environment we are trying to establish. A second or
later offense would result in a call home and further administrative action. I want to
recreate a collegiate or higher learning community as much as possible and spurts of
childishness will not be acceptable. I dont want to give the impression that it would be
overly disciplined and invasive, but we do want to make sure that things that will take us
and distract from the learning process will be handled appropriately.
(I consulted and took my idea of ignoring from this link and adapted it into something
more relatable for my classroom.