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Auto Shutdown the System

A simple command can be entered in the Terminal to schedule a time for the system to
shut down.
1. Go Menu > Terminal.
2. Enter sudo shutdown -h +m (replace m with the number of minutes, e.g. +60).
OR: enter sudo shutdown -h hh:mm (replace hh:mm with the time on the 24hr clock, e.g.
3. Enter password and minimize the Terminal window.

The system will then shut down within the minutes or at the time specified. To cancel a
scheduled time, enter sudo shutdown -c in the Terminal.
Alternatively, you might want to download and install GShutdown, which is a GUI
application for scheduling a time to shutdown the system. If the application cannot detect
your desktop, go to Edit > Preferences > Actions, select "Specify the method manually"
and click the "..." button, then choose "GNOME" for the Desktop and "GDM" for the
Display manager.