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Task: Choose one project out of each column. Projects are graded separately as you complete them.

Do NOT procrastinate but use your class time wisely! Original means your thoughts and creations.
Do not plagiarize. Thoughtful poetic work usually requires many edits! Show what you know about
figurative language, sensory language and word choice! Use poetry rubric for all.
Poems used for one column may not be used for another!
100 points - Due 11-21

100 points- Due 12-7

100 points Due 12-17

Write an original metaphor poem

regarding a right.

Write an original free verse poem about

a right or your argumentative issue.
Use sources to document your

Create an original 3D design/art with an

original poem or poetic idea of rights or
justice. Write an accompanying argument or
give a technological presentation to explore
the topic.

Write your I Am poem from

someone with a Civil Rights point
of view.

Collect lines from famous poems or

songs illustrating community or global
themes today.
*Present in 3-D model or collage form.
Write an original narrative poem about
a choice or right or your argumentative
issue. Use sources to document your

Write poems on our theme from two

different perspectives that demonstrate
differing tones. Explain using technology how
tone in the works change with point of view.
Using newspaper headlines, compile a collage
of global and community issues that poets
have written about or could write about.
Include poem titles for some issues! Write an
overview of each issue presented.
*computer search or magazine
Pretend you are the U.S. president and must
select the next "Poet Laureate". Who will
capture today's issues? Who would you
choose and why?
*Essay or speech or tech.

Write an original tribute poem to

someone in history or someone
special to you.

Analyze a famous poem or song

using TPCASTT or annotation
regarding change or rights
(not already done in class);
you may use a partner.

Memorize and recite a famous poem

about rights or a journey or choice (get
approval) *Dress/Recite one of his/her
poems and give your reflections.

Write an original personification

poem. Then add an original
illustration or art piece to your
original poem.

Write a Twas poem (may compose

with a partner)

YOU PROPOSE (approval


YOU PROPOSE (approval required)

*Present to the class; add creativity

inspired dress.

Compile a video or PowerPoint or another

multimedia presentation representing our
theme with found, favorite poems (8-10) and
add a reflection of why each speaks to you;
add music or voice thread that
enhances/explains the presentation.
YOU PROPOSE (approval required)

STANDARDS: Here are just a few this project covers!

7W3: Write to develop real or imagined experiences using effective literary techniques.
Use precise words and phrases and sensory language.
7SL1: Engage in collaboration.
7W10: Write routinely over time for audiences and purposes.
7RL5: Analyze works and interpret context
7W2: Write to examine a topic and convey ideas and analysis.
7SL5: Include visual displays to emphasize salient points.
7RL1: Cite textual evidence to support analysis.
7L1: Command of the English language when writing or speaking.